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Erik Buell hasn’t been able to catch a break for quite some time. The motorcycle market is just now starting to really reward his intensive efforts after relaunching Buell Motorcycles under Erik Buell Racing’s (EBR’s) leadership. Part of the next chapter for Buell is diversification, and the new Roland Sands-designed Buell Super Cruiser essential. In fact, Harley-Davidson’s Low Rider ST club-style crowds should be on high alert. 

The Buell Super Cruiser: a cruiser motorcycle with sport bike credentials

A Buell Super Cruiser sits ahead of a sunset.
Buell Super Cruiser | Buell

At 450lbs, the upcoming Buell Super Cruiser is instantly one of the lightest motorcycles of its kind. Better yet, the two-wheeled lunatics at Buell and Roland Sands gave the high-geometry street bike a 175-horsepower V-twin engine, a mill that out-muscles anything with a Bar and Shield on its tank.

What’s more, Erik Buell’s namesake cruiser incorporates much of the racing heritage that he’s known for. Up front, the cruiser motorcycle stops using the company’s signature ZTL brakes. Fortunately, the braking setup is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. And functional it needs to be; with a segment-topping power-to-weight ratio, it might as well be called a cruise missile. 

Will Buell actually make its Harley-fighting cruiser?

Buell is going to produce its Super Cruiser. The American motorcycle company proudly declared that preorders had eclipsed the $120 million mark in September, per Rider Magazine. At this point, the bike could subsist on enthusiasm alone. However, the motorcycle company made it clear that the new Super Cruiser wouldn’t begin production until 2025. 

That’s good news for Buell, a brand with just two models in current production: the 1190SX and Hammerhead 1190 full-fairing sport bike. Fans of the marque might recognize that 1190; the numeric refers to Buell’s 1,190cc ET-V2, a mill that powers the current lineup. 

Of course, Buell isn’t going to hang its hopes on one new model. Instead, the marque will produce an 1190 SuperTouring and a Baja DR (Dune Racer) in the future. Should every model make it to production, Buell will be up to a five-bike lineup.  

How much will a Buell Super Cruiser cost?

A Buell Super Cruiser shows off its V-twin engine.
Buell Super Cruiser | Buell

Early estimates of the Buell Super Cruiser’s MSRP put the bike at between $20,000 and $30,000. Still, a tentative $10,000 range is substantial; a $30,000 bike alienates fans who would otherwise pick it over a Harley-Davidson at the $ 20,000 price point.

Still, the closest thing in the Bar and Shield’s repertoire to the new Super Cruiser is the Low Rider S and ST. Should Buell keep its new club-inspired cruiser at the lower end of that price range, it could siphon some interest from Harley’s Milwaukee-Eight muscle. 

ModelStarting price
Harley-Davidson Low Rider S$18,199
Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST$22,199

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