Broken $300,000 McLaren 600LT Turned Out to Be a Nightmare Held up by Zip Ties

Buying a McLaren 600LT is supposed to be an exciting, trouble-free experience. However, one used supercar owner on YouTube found himself in a very unusual situation after purchasing a $300,000 McLaren.

Speed Phenom on YouTube purchased the used 600LT to create video content for his channel. However, during the drive home, some weird noises led to a quick inspection by the front wheel. This is when the zip ties come in to view.

What happened to this McLaren 600LT?

An image of a McLaren 600LT showing damage held together by zip ties.
McLaren 600LT | Speed Phenom via YouTube

As stated earlier, this broken McLaren 600LT story begins during the drive home as Speed Phenom was going from Ohio to California. During the drive, the owner reported hearing a loud flapping noise coming from the car’s front left corner. As a result, he decided to pull over to check things out with a flashlight.

At this point, the new owner of this McLaren 600LT realized his car was being held together by zip ties. Although it is hard to see from the video, it seems the zip tie is connecting the front sway bar with the car’s plastic undertray. As you might imagine, such a sketchy fix likely caused the undertray to flap around while driving at speed.

What makes this discovery particularly painful is that Speed Phenom reports that the dealership reportedly did not disclose the issue. As a result, the $300,000 McLaren 600LT had undisclosed damage. After finding this, the owner began to dig around the car.

This McLaren was previously used as a track toy

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One of the best parts of the McLaren 600LT is that it can be optioned with an advanced telemetry system onboard. Aside from having built-in cameras, the system allows the owner to record lap times and track data. As the new owner began to search through the car, he discovered that it had been previously tracked. Despite showing around 1,500 miles on the odometer, this supercar had already lived a bit of a hard life.

The running theory of how this McLaren 600LT got damaged in the first place surrounds those track days. According to Speed Phenom, he believes the owner must’ve gone off the track at some point. During an attempt to re-join the circuit, the car’s plastic undertray must’ve gotten caught somewhere and subsequently damaged. As you might imagine, this repair likely won’t be a simple one.

How has the used car dealership responded?

Upon discovering the secret damage his McLaren 600LT housed, Speed Phenom decided to take the supercar to a McLaren service center. At this point, mechanics took a look at the car to determine how much it would cost to fix it. Since the undertray bolts onto the car via the front trunk, there is reportedly damage under the hood as well. As a result, Speed Phenom reports that the repair will cost him around $30,000.

As you might imagine, the McLaren 600LT owner decided to send the originally used car dealership the repair invoice. This way, they would cover the cost of the repairs, and the situation would be fine. However, Speed Phenom reports that the dealership did not respond to his request, leaving him to pay for the bill at the end of the day.