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The Honda CR-X was meant to be a two-seat commuter car with a sporty edge. It was a stylistic take on the fourth-generation Civic and provided lightweight fun in addition to returning great fuel efficiency. Through the years, many car enthusiasts have used the CR-X as a platform for racing and modifying due to compatibility with other Honda models. Anyone looking to start from scratch could find good use in our Bring A Trailer find of the week – a 1991 Honda CR-X shell.

This 1991 Honda CR-X is like a full-size model car

1991 Honda CR-X bare interior
1991 Honda CR-X bare interior | Bring a Trailer

This red 1991 Honda CR-X up for auction on Bring A Trailer looks like it came from a salvage yard, but that’s not the case. According to the car’s description, the seller is the original owner and purchased the CR-X in July 1991. There’s not much of a back story as to why the CR-X is in its current shell state, but it’s clearly an unfinished project car.

Its red paint is faded, the interior is stripped, and it’s missing windows. However, the car does come equipped with four 13-inch steel wheels, a four-wheel disc brake conversion, Progress coil overs, and sway bars, Energy Suspension bushings, and Place Racing engine mounts.

Fortunately, the auction includes a lot of go-fast goodies in the form of a sleeved B16 block, a close-ratio YS1 transmission, a limited-slip differential, a modified cylinder head, and other various components to piece everything together. Some exterior and interior parts – like the dashboard, center console, and climate control bezel — are included as well.

Ultimately, this CR-X is like a full-size model car that the new owner will get to build. Luckily, working on Hondas is as easy as putting together Legos.

The CR-X has a clean title

A front view of the Honda CR-X shell
Honda CR-X | Bring a Trailer

The good news is that the 1991 Honda CR-X carries a clean title, and a Carfax report is provided. Unfortunately, the vehicle history isn’t clean, as moderate damage was done to the roof and rear end. This could be partially why the car is in its current bare-bones state. Regardless, it’s a great starting point for anyone looking to relive the glory days of the Honda race scene. If you know, you know.

Can the CR-X be brought back to life as a street car?

The spare engine parts included with the Honda CR-X sale
Spare engine parts | Bring a Trailer

Although this particular CR-X looks a little rough around the edges and will need a major overhaul, it could be prepared as a street car. With the proper interior pieces, windows, and engine components installed, we’re sure it could technically be registered and street driven. The good thing is that the car will come with the hood, headlights, windows, and most of the other pieces needed to make it street-legal.

However, it would be far better as an actual racecar instead. We could see this CR-X racing around cones on an autocross course or zipping down straightaways on a road course. The sky is the limit with a platform like the Honda CR-X – especially if the platform is a bare-bones shell.