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If you’re looking for a project car to take on, the Honda CR-X is one of the best cars to pick. Why? Because it’s small and there are plenty of parts that you can buy for it. However, we can admit that the car is old. The CR-X is so old that it could father the newest generation of kids. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good car. Check out five reasons that the Honda CR-X is one of the best platforms that you can use as a project car.

1. No matter which Honda CR-X model year you buy, it will be super lightweight

Rear view of a black Honda CR-X
Rear view of a black Honda CR-X | Wikimedia Commons

The Honda CR-X is a small two-door hatchback with only two seats. As you can imagine, it’s super lightweight, and no matter which generation you get – 1986-87 or 88-91 – the car will end up weighing half as much as any new car today. The first-generation CR-X weighed around 1,800 pounds, while the 1991 CR-X tipped the scales at 2,174 pounds.  

2. You can find a Honda CR-X for cheap online now

Check out your local Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist ads, and you can find at least a few Honda CR-Xs for sale. Fortunately, since the car is so old, they usually sell for around $2,000 to $3,000. Some of the examples we found were less than $2,000.

However, it’s worth noting that the more you pay, the better shape the car is likely to be in since many of them have been modified, crashed, or stolen at some point. It may take time to find a clean example at a good price, but they’re out there.

3. There are plenty of aftermarket modifications for the Honda CR-X

A modified Honda CR-X at a car show.
A modified Honda CR-X at a car show. | Wikimedia Commons

Want to stick a huge wing on your Honda CR-X? You can! Although the CR-X is an old car to work with, there are still plenty of aftermarket parts that can be found all over the world wide web. Even some tuner shops and general auto parts stores carry parts like aftermarket intakes, exhausts, and wheels that will fit a Honda CR-X.

4. The CR-X is a great engine swap candidate

A red Honda CR-X with a B-series engine swap.
CR-X with an engine swap. | Wikimedia Commons

If you’re familiar with modifying Hondas at all, you know that there are a multitude of engine swaps available for them. Fortunately, the CR-X is no exception. Many enthusiasts are swapping Honda B-series, K-S\series, and F-series engines into CR-Xs. Heck, there are even some people shoehorning LS1 and Dodge Hellcat engines into these cars. Yes, it sounds crazy, but the sky (and your bank account) is the limit when it comes to engine swapping a CR-X.

5. The CR-X is good in its factory form

Alas, if you don’t feel like spending the time, money, and effort to turbocharge or engine swap a Honda CR-X, you can always leave it in its stock form. Although the stock 1.5 or 1.6-liter engine that you’ll find under the hood of a CR-X may only put out 100 hp, the car is still fun to drive as is.

Five reasons to modify a Honda CR-X

Anyone looking for a project car to modify will find a lot to like about the Honda CR-X. It’s lightweight, cheap to buy, and fun to work on. Just remember that finding a clean one might take some time, but it’s worth the wait.