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The Honda CR-X is one of the best platforms you can use if you want to build a project car. It’s lightweight, cheap, and can accept various Honda engine swaps. Many enthusiasts choose to swap naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines like the venerable B-series and K-Series into the CR-X chassis. But can a V6 be stuffed in the tiny two-door?

A Honda CR-X with a V6 engine

Rear view of a black Honda CR-X
Rear view of a black Honda CR-X | Wikimedia Commons

If you want to swap a V6 engine into a Honda CR-X, you’re in luck. There are aftermarket mounts and other components that allow you to shoehorn a J35 engine (the V6 widely found in models like the Odyssey and Accord V6 – into the two-door coupe. Of course, many modifications are needed to make it happen, but it’s possible.

According to Hasport, a company that makes aftermarket engine mounts for Honda swaps, some cutting to the frame and welding may be required. Additionally, many of the J-series swapped CR-Xs that we have seen either don’t have hoods or have modified hoods so that the engine can comfortably fit in the bay.

To make the swap work, you’ll also need the wiring harness for the J-series engine, the manual transmission, and a few other miscellaneous parts. Lastly, some companies make aftermarket axles that make the new engine work with the CRX.

What is the best J-series engine to use?

A Honda V6 engine from an Acura RL
A Honda V6 engine from an Acura RL. | Honda

There are plenty of J-series engines to choose from in various displacements – from 3.0 to 3.7 liters. MotorTrend notes that 12 different J35A engines are available, some of which cost as little as $900. There’s also the smaller J30A engine from the 03-05 Honda Accord, the J37A from the 09 Acura TL, and the J32A from the 99-07 Acura CL chassis.

However, the easiest one to find is the J35A from the Honda Odyssey, which is rated at 240 hp and runs on 87 octane. After all, the whole point of sticking a V6 engine into a CR-X is to use the added horsepower and torque that it provides without requiring any tuning or expensive fuel.

What other engines fit in a Honda CR-X?

If swapping a large V6 engine into a Honda CR-X sounds like too much work, other high-performance engines fit into the chassis. The most popular and easiest engine swap is the B-series engine – B16, B18, or B20 – which originates from the older Acura Integra, Civic Si, and CR-V chassis. These engine swaps have been done for the past 30 years or more, so finding parts to complete them is easy and much less expensive.

Additionally, the K-series engine – mainly found in the old Acura RSX and Honda 06-11 Civic Si chassis – is a popular engine to use. Like the B-series engines, the K-series engines (K20 and K24) are easier to swap into a CR-X with the use of aftermarket mounts, axles, and peripheral components.

Ultimately, swapping a V6 engine into a Honda CR-X is completely possible. It just may take a lot of effort and some modifications.