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  • The new and hotly anticipated BMW M4 CSL will make its first public appearance at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on May 20. 
  • Not dissimilar to the M4 GTS, the new BMW will likely be water-injected. It will also probably have track tires, a roll cage, and coilover suspension. 
  • The M4 CSL will likely incorporate an eight-speed automatic transmission. The car may also have a large front splitter and integrated rear spoiler. 

The BMW M4 CSL is a reality, and we will see the street-legal racecar in the flesh soon. That is exciting news, especially considering the incredible legacy of the 3.0 CSL. Further, the new car will follow the same recipe, namely being born and bred for the track. So the BMW CSL is back, it is an M4, and the track-ready sports car is coming sooner than you might think.   

 BMW M4 CSL the batmobile is back and coming to a track near you
A teaser photo shows the BMW M4 CSL front end | BMW

What does CSL mean?

CSL stands for Coupe Sport Lightweight and refers to a light, tight, track-focused performance car. The track-oriented BMW nameplate has only popped up a couple of times in the Bavarian company’s tenure. The first and most famous was the E9 generation 3.0 CSL. In addition to being a dominator on the track, its charming styling earned it the nickname “Batmobile.” No, the caped crusader didn’t drive it, but the car certainly earned the moniker. The aerodynamically sculpted classic features an integrated wing, flared fenders, and fiendish fins.  

When does the new BMW come out?  

It has been five years since the head of BMW Motorsport, Frank Van Meel, alluded to the resurrection of the storied CSL. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer. The beloved Bavarian automaker announced that the new M4 CSL would make its first appearance at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este at Lake Como, Italy, on May 20. 

What should we expect from the BMW M4 CSL? 

BMW is keeping a heavy lid on the details of the track-day weapon. In 2017, Frank Van Meel told Road & Track that the next CSL would be faithful to its roots. “You can expect cup tires, coilover suspension, a roll cage, water injection, and a fire extinguisher,” Van Meel told Road & Track. Considering the formula of the BMW M4 GTS, that makes sense. The M4 GTS was a stripped-down, aero-equipped, track-focused version of the M4 coupe. Additionally, as Van Meel alluded to, the GTS packed water injection with a fillable tank in the trunk. Finally, BMW fans should rejoice that the teaser photos appear to show off some promising-looking aero. 

BMW M4 CSL sports car with its aero package signals that the batmobile is back and coming to a track near you
A BMW teaser of the new car’s aero rear | BMW

How much will the BMW M4 CSL cost?

Although no details about the starting price are available yet, it is safe to anticipate that the CSL will be very, very expensive. According to CarBuzz, the BMW M4 GTS had a starting price of $133,205. The GTS is also an M4 platform track car without the legendary nameplate. Consequently, the M4 CSL will likely cost more than the GTS did when new.   

The new CSL is going to have to work hard to live up to its legacy

The original car was a sight to behold and quick enough to make beholding it difficult. Regardless of how fast it will be, the new CSL will be another historic BMW sports car. Scroll down to the following article to read more about fast BMWs on storied tracks.


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