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Does Go-Karting Make You a Better Driver?

If you have ever been go-karting, then you’re well aware of the fun and thrills you can have while lapping that small track. Finding those apexes and hammering the throttle on the straightaways without having to worry about damaging an actual race car is one of the best parts. But we had to wonder if …

The Moon
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Want to Race a Car on the Moon?

If you are a human being currently on Earth in 2020, you probably understand the desire to look toward the heavens and dream of doing Sci-Fi space shenanigans. The car world hasn’t gotten to enjoy space that much. We had Elon send his goofy car into space, but that’s about all we got – until …

A photo of the Roborace DevBot at a race track.
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This Autonomous Race Car Crashed Almost Immediately

The world of motorsports is no stranger to crashes. From Formula1 to NASCAR, we’ve all seen dramatic collisions with car parts raining from the skies. The hilarious clip we’re looking at today has almost none of those things. For starters, there isn’t even a human driver in the cockpit. That’s because Roborace is a racing …

Tesla Model 3, model X and model s in the exhibition hall of the newly opened Tesla experience center
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Tesla Factory Backed Motorsports Program Conspicuously Missing

Factory backed motorsports programs are often the offspring of a young automotive manufacturing company. Ferrari and Porche went racing in their early days, as did Mini. Of course, the American manufacturers have done the same on and off through the years. Even Fisker and Rivian have established a racing presence. Interestingly, Tesla doesn’t have a motorsports program. The electric car …

Ariel Atom at 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed
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Airel Just Made The Perfect Car Even Better

How can a car that doesn’t have doors, a windshield, a roof, or even a body be improved? I know what you’re thinking; Ariel must have added the missing parts. They did not. The Ariel Atom was perfect when it first came out in 2000. To be clear, I don’t mean mechanically perfect, its spiritually …

Sedans & Coupes

This New Toyota Will Have Almost 1000 hp

Thinking of Toyota, the more popular models like the Camry and Corolla probably come to mind. If you love the older generation of Fast and Furious cars or even modern remakes, you might even think about the Supra. Chances are, words like race car or performance never came to mind. Well, with the new Toyota …

A Lamborghini is hidden under a cover on the grounds of the fair
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What is This Mysterious Lamborghini?

Why are all the fancy European carmakers building these track-day cars? Track cars are purpose-built for aggressive track driving. These cars are often not road-legal and sometimes kept by the manufacturer and not the owner. Most of the major marques like McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Mercedes have all done it. Now Lamborghini is joining …

The Electraline Lakester electric vehicle is in the foreground of the Bonneville Salt Flats, with the sunrise in the distance.
Hybrids & Electrics

Electric Speed Record Set at Bonneville Salt Flats

Competitive people push boundaries. For example, the four-minute mile was considered impossible at one time. Also, a three hundred mile-per-hour capable production car was also considered unheard of. Over time those records were shattered. Now comes word that EV West just broke an electric vehicle record. They shot for and surpassed the electric speed record for class E2 at the Bonneville …

A wide view of a 2021 Ford GT in white taking a straightaway at a racetrack
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Ford Reveals New Ford GT Heritage Edition

The Ford GT is a performance car that comes with exclusivity. A finite number for them will become available, but only to people who go through an application process and get accepted. So, what is Ford to do with the GT to take the excitement level of the car up another notch? How about introducing …

The profile of a yellow Ford GT70.

Throwback Thursday: The Ford GT70

The success of the Ford GT40 at LeMans in the 1960s, and the resultant movies, documentaries, and literature that have come out related to the model, have helped cement the car’s place in automotive history. That endurance racecar is a Ford legend. However, what is unknown is that Ford also created a GT70 model with …

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series

Thought a New Ford GT Was Expensive? Just Wait Until You See Used Prices

The Ford GT is a vehicle that many have seen in magazines and on the internet, but few have actually seen in person. There are only a few of them produced, and because of several factors, their resale values have gone through the roof. A quick backstory is needed to understand why those resale values for the GT are high. …

NASCAR starting line
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Real NASCAR Racing is Back with Accelerated Schedule

The virtual NASCAR races of recent weeks have been fun to watch, but real racing is back, sorta. Announced in a press release today, NASCAR will return to racing beginning May 17th. So there are still three weeks until the in real-life race day greets us again. After that, the schedule is accelerated.  In a …

1976 Porsche 911 3.0-Liter Rally
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What Is An Automotive Rally?

Do you know what a rally is? Not everybody does. There are also some people that think they know what it is but really don’t. So, what is it? When asked what a rally is, a lot of people will more than likely say it’s a timed event running on closed public roads, both paved …

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A Nissan Racecar for the 24 Hours of Le Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a race unlike any other, featuring some of what are considered the best sports cars in the world. It is known to host cars from many different manufacturers, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, and many others. What you may find surprising is that Nissan also designed …