BMW M2 CS Debuts Michelin’s “Connected” Tire: Conveys Info To Driver

The big news is not that BMW is releasing the M2 CS coupe but instead its the tires it rides on. Tire technology has improved over the years but in racing environments, the only feedback they give you is through the steering wheel. Temperature, wear, and pressure are all done through observation or by a temperature sensor. Now Michelin has developed tires that contain a sensor that can read temperature and pressure for each tire. BMW M2 CS debuts Michelin’s connected tire that conveys info to the driver. It sends the information via a radio signal to a receiver in your car. Then, it is transmitted via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone. Don’t you just love technology?

The Michelin connected tire is the first time a tire can give you feedback

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2_i
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 | Michelin

Michelin calls the new tire Pilot Sport Cup2. Obviously, this is the first time a tire can give you feedback. What does this mean for your M2 CS? Michelin claims with this technology you can improve your lap times by 7.29 seconds after 10 laps. 

Through Michelin Track Connect you get advice based on your driving sessions to determine the best pressure settings. Based on the feel and info supplied by Track Connect you can control how much pressure each tire has to affect the car’s behavior on the track. But there are other new features of these tires besides this new tech. 

The first is called Wavy Summit Architecture. It reduces response time and allows for a better feel from the tires. Rubber under the steel cable used in the building of the tires reduces response time and increases the feeling of sportiness.

The connected tire increases cornering speeds and better stability at high speed

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2_i
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 | Michelin

Then there is Dynamic Response Technology. It promotes driving precision and tire behavior. All of this increases cornering speeds and better stability at high speed. It involves using a high-density aramid and polyamide hybrid belt just below the tire tread. It helps in precision and the tire’s behavior under a load. The combined aramid and polyamide are five times more resistant than steel according to Michelin. While the M2 CS is the first to use these high tech tires there will soon be 41 different sizes that will fit on almost 200 different vehicles. 

So what about the BMW M2 CS? Club Sport or CS BMWs are the lightest, most track-capable cars made. Combining a short wheelbase with a twin-turbo straight-six and six-speed manual transmission makes for a flingable, fun ride. With 444 hp it should be a gas. And inching towards $100,000 it better be a gas.

We’ve heard 185 mph is achievable

2021 BMW M2 CS in blue rear 3/4 view

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With copious amounts of carbon fiber and the elimination of comfort features the Club Sport’s weight is at 3,500 lbs. Optional carbon-ceramic brakes will whittle the poundage down further. The M2s 0-60 time is just four seconds with the top speed governed at 174 mph. That number can vary depending on the driver, conditions, and track. We’ve heard 185 mph is achievable. 

Understeer can be an issue with so much weight over the front centerline, but a squeeze of the trigger gets it pointed in the right direction. Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ modes let you tailor what’s available to what you need. You control both how the power comes on as well as how stiff or compliant the suspension is. It adds versatility to the package that is predominantly track focussed.  

We have only lightly touched on how significant the BMW Club Sport is. If you prefer your dailies to be more aggressive the CS could be your fav. But anyone opting for this BMW should be looking at some serious track time beyond mere daily transportation.