Black and Red Luxury: BMW X5 and BMW X6 Debut Black Vermilion Edition

Luxury automakers are upping their game as mainstream brands like Kia churn out luxurious vehicles at much lower price points. That means companies like BMW can’t sit on their laurels and rely on the brand name. But the German automaker doesn’t appear intimidated. It’s making headlines with the new Black Vermilion Edition on its X5 and X6 SUVs. 

The X5 and X6 are worth every penny

Like all BMW models, the X5 and X6 pack plenty of special features. The X5 is shaking up the auto world by being the first car to ride on sustainable tires. This wasn’t enough to help it land a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS, but it’s still a nice midsize SUV.

The X6 consistently places high on most critics’ lists and earns plenty of well-deserved praise for its good looks, speed, and comfort. It makes a great family SUV — if you can afford it, that is. The top trim usually costs around six figures, so it’s not exactly a vehicle you want your toddler eating Cheerios and cheese puffs in.

That said, the X5 is outselling the X6. Perhaps it’s because of the X5’s lower price or more cargo space thanks to the straight roof. The X6 has a sloping roofline, which might look cool, but it cuts back on what you can pile into the back. Of course, many owners seem to think the X5 is perfect the way it is. But the Black Vermilion edition might change that.

The Black Vermilion Edition will leave you feeling spoiled

A 2022 BMW X5 Black Vermilion Edition luxury SUV parked in a sun-dappled warehouse
2022 BMW X5 Black Vermilion Edition | BMW Group

The Black Vermilion trim is a work of art. The body color is a stunning Frozen Black Metallic, while the signature double-kidney grille pops in a striking red. BMW designed the exterior to stand out, and it achieves that in spectacular fashion. 

The interior is equally stunning. “The BMW Individual full leather trim Merino Black is additionally enhanced by edition-specific red contrast stitching for both the driver’s seat and front passenger seat,” BMW Group states. “Inside the BMW X5 Black Vermilion, the red accents are also to be found on the rear seats. Likewise, the edging on both the front and rear floor mats is finished in red.”

To add to the appeal, only 350 X5 and 350 X6 Black Vermilion Edition models will be sold in the United States, BMW Blog reports. They will begin selling in Germany this August and won’t be released stateside until this fall. If you want one, call your local BMW dealer now because they won’t last long. 

BMW is synonymous with luxury and performance

It’s not nearly as hard to buy a BMW as, say, a Ferrari, but for many people, it’s easier to buy a poster of a vehicle than the actual vehicle. Even so, there’s a reason why so many people want to own a BMW.

Since it began manufacturing cars in 1917, BMW has specialized in designing vehicles that turn heads, drive like a dream, and carry a price that only the wealthy can afford — unless you buy one used, of course.

But the price is worth it. Unlike some other automakers that incorporate imitation leather and wood trim encased in hard plastics but expect to fetch luxury prices, BMW doesn’t use cheap materials. There’s no doubt you get what you pay for with a BMW. 

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