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  • The government has special surveillance vehicles built with custom interiors for stakeouts, spying, and all other manner of clandestine operations.
  • This 1992 Ford Bronco was one of a fleet of surveillance vehicles used by Homeland Security. 
  • This fifth-generation vintage Ford Bronco was a bit more refined than the previous off-road bruts. This is, in part, why the Department of Homeland Security Investigations used the Bronco. However, the fifth-generation Bronco was the last of the original series of Ford Broncos. 

We should all know at this point that our government – and most others with the capability – are and have been surveilling civilians for a long time. You can imagine that surveillance vehicles today are a touch more sophisticated than this ‘92 Ford Bronco. Be that as it may, you can get your white collar shirt, aviator eyeglasses, cigarettes, and a thermos of coffee and be a government spook whenever you want because this ‘92 Ford Bronco Homeland Security surveillance van is for sale. 

What SUV did O.J. Simpson drive?

If this white government Bronco looks familiar, it’s either because you were watched in the ‘90s or you remember the footage of O.J. Simpson running from the cops in a white ‘93 Bronco. As a result of that insane moment in American history, a white fifth-gen Bronco is one of the most immediately recognizable cars of the past few decades. 

Unlike O.J.’s Bronco, this one is doing the chasing instead of being chased. 

What does this 1992 Ex-HSI Ford Bronco have that makes it special? 

Silodrome reports that Ford just sold the G-men these stock Broncos. The government then outfitted them. It added features like heavily tinted rear windows, a rear partition, a fixed swivel chair, desks, power outlets, and built-in lighting. Remember, these weren’t police cars meant for capturing bad guys. These were built for running a stakeout, a mobile command center for espionage and surveillance. 

This particular Bronco was used in Texas. The listing doesn’t say how it was used. But if you think about the year it was made and where it was used, it isn’t much of a stretch to wonder if this could have been used in the investigation of David Koresh’s cult in Waco, Texas. As PBS reported, Koresh ran a heavily armed and dangerous domestic terrorist group. The group eventually became infamous for having a large shootout with the government. 

Whatever the Bronco did for work, it eventually retired. The SUV sold to Chicago Motors with 39,000 miles on the clock. It was no surprise, with as few miles as it had, that the 5.0-liter V8 engine, transmission, and other mechanical components were in great shape. CM did some work on the brakes. Plus, a few other odds and ends like replacing belts, seals, and other such soft components that needed to be changed. 

The G-man Ford Bronco can be yours

The interior stake out office in the 1992 Surveillance Ford Bronco
Surveillance Ford Bronco interior | Chicago Motors

Aside from some cleaning and dressing up the interior, all the fun government additions are still in there as they would have been during its time of service. Hell, there are even still “wood’ vinyl walls, making it look unsettlingly like my Grandad’s living room. 

Other than expecting to see my grandad in his recliner yelling at the Atalanta Braves, this thing is a unique vehicle. In fact, it could inspire a great many talented car fabrication peeps. One could turn this classic Ford Bronco into something really special with minimal effort. 

Chicago Motors is asking $29,995 for this wild Ford Bronco. Get more details from the listing on CM’s site, and maybe consider closing your blinds.