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When it comes to finding a reliable SUV, not all the options are good options. The best used Toyota RAV4 SUV years are plentiful, but there is one year to avoid if you can. Toyota has a history of making reliable cars, trucks, and SUVs, and the RAV4 is no exception.

2017 is one of the best used Toyota RAV4 SUV years to hunt for

The best used Toyota RAV4 SUV years
The Toyota RAV4 SUV in silver | Toyota

Consumer Reports has a long history of reviewing the Toyota RAV4 SUV. The 2017 year comes recommended by the experts at Consumer Reports. It has high-reliability scores, which is typical for Toyota SUVs. The owner satisfaction score is average for 2017 for a few reasons. The areas of driving experience and style were highly rated. The value and comfort were just average, noting that some higher trim levels got pricey.

This Toyota sport utility vehicle had good scores during crash testing. Similar vehicles in the segment struggle with many reliability trouble spots, but the 2017 RAV4 received high marks in all of those areas. Owners report being satisfied with the driving experience and styling. Consumer Reports says this year and model is “among the most reliable small SUVs you can buy.” That makes this example one of the best used Toyota RAV4 SUV years.

The 2012 version is another best used Toyota RAV4 SUV year

The 2012 Toyota RAV4 SUV is kind of the quintessential design when others think of this Toyota SUV. Compact, round, and all one color like vehicles of that generation tended to be. Regarding the reliability history, the scores were high before and after this year. The owner satisfaction score was average.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the 2012 RAV4 many high scores. On most of the crashworthiness tests from the NHTSA, the sport utility vehicle received mostly four and five stars. Some more modern tests are not applicable due to the year of testing. Overall, the 2012 year was fairly safe and reliable.

Avoid the 2019 RAV4 sport utility vehicle if possible


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For a newer vehicle such as the 2019 Toyota RAV4, there are a lot of problems. Both the reliability and owner satisfaction scores came in below average. The NHTSA has also issued seven recalls for the RAV4 over the years. These recalls are for power steering issues, suspension control arms, and other issues.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the 2019 year a Top Safety Pick award, which is a positive. The Toyota SUV received good scores on most of the IIHS crashworthiness tests. This year is a weak spot in the otherwise strong reliability history of the Toyota SUV.

The good news is that the best used Toyota RAV4 SUV years span over the last 20 years. An off-year in 2019 is no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Finding a reliable SUV can seem daunting, but Toyota makes it easier. Forbes says 2022 is a good year to get in a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle before new leases factor in current market factors.