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Buckle up, because we have some controversy today. Put down the pitchforks as we explain why the used Toyota Tacoma isn’t the best option. Another used truck provides more value and lasts longer than the Toyota Tacoma. 

The Honda Ridgeline is the best-used pickup truck 

We know that it seems like shots were fired, but the used Honda Ridgeline currently reigns supreme. It outranks the Toyota Tacoma as the best-used pickup truck to buy. 

While some people claim that the Ridgeline isn’t a real truck due to its unibody design, it can still tow up to 5,000 lbs and has a bed capacity of 33.9 cubic feet. 

Now let’s break down the math. iSeeCars performed a study to determine which used vehicles provide the most value based on pricing and longevity. 

It analyzed the selling price of over 1.1 million used cars sold in the past five to 10 years and looked at the odometer readings for over 312 million vehicles to determine the value and how much life the vehicle could have to offer. 

This study was cross-referenced with another study that determined the longest-lasting vehicles to estimate how much longer each vehicle could last. 

The 2021 Honda Ridgeline off-roading
2021 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

The best five-year-old pickup truck is the Ridgeline, which costs about $1,674 per 10,000 miles. After five years of average use, it could have 182,288 miles, or 71.2% of its lifespan left. 

The Toyota Tacoma is the second best-used truck to buy. After five years of ownership, it costs about $1,894 per 10,000 miles. The average model should have 174,831 miles or 71.4% of its lifespan left. 

If you look at the best 10-year-old used trucks, the results are similar. The Ridgeline is still in first place with a cost of about $1,55 per 10,0000 miles. After 10 years, the average model should have 127,038 miles or 49.6% of its life left. 

The Tacoma came in second place again with a cost of about $1,836 per 10,000 miles and 123,442 miles or 50.4% of its life left. 

But the Ridgeline may last longer because it’s a bit tamer. It spends more time on the pavement while the Tacoma has a rough-and-tumble reputation. People may be rougher on the Tacoma when off-roading.