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What makes a good family car? It needs to be safe, has tons of space, and most importantly, be highly reliable. Next, prioritize affordability, like finding the best model with all of this and more for under $20,000. Luckily, KBB did that for you, so here are the best-used family cars under $20,000, according to KBB.

Best used family cars under $20,000

The best-used family cars under $20,000 according to KBB in 2022 are all minivans and SUVs. Although many used and new vehicles are receiving markups in the current market, many of these aren’t. Especially minivans, which remain unpopular, making them an excellent choice for families. Buying a used model can save you tons of money, especially if you’re in line for a new model that’s not arriving for a few years.

  1. 2014 Toyota Sienna
  2. 2016 Honda Odyssey
  3. 2013 Toyota Highlander
  4. 2017 Kia Sedona
  5. 2015 Honda Pilot

5. 2015 Honda Pilot

A 2015 Honda Pilot, one of the best family cars for under $20,000, according to KBB
2015 Honda Pilot | Paul Warner/Getty Images

Not interested in minivans? The 2015 Honda Pilot is one of the best options in this price range. It offers a high-quality ride, all-wheel drive, and tons of space on the inside. Able to fit up to 8 passengers, the Pilot can get an average size family plus their cargo wherever they need to go. Additionally, a name like Honda comes with all the reliability you’d expect.

Consumer Reports gave it a 3 out of 5 reliability rating. Notably, the 2015 model is the last of the previous generation, which spanned from 2009 to 2015. Depending on the trim and equipment level, its current average retail price range is from $16,000-$22,725.

4. 2017 Kia Sedona

Did someone say minivan? If you’re looking for a minivan that isn’t quite as common as its rivals, the Sedona is the one for you. Although the Sienna, Odyssey, and Pacifica sell more, Kia’s offering is nearly as good. Not to mention, it’s a much cheaper alternative, which makes it even more desirable.

The 2017 Kia Sedona has SUV-like styling but all the minivan practicality. On the interior, it’s roomy enough for your family and comes with an excellent safety rating, according to KBB. Lastly, according to Consumer Reports, it is currently selling for an average price ranging from $18,175 to $25,800.

3. 2013 Toyota Highlander

A 2014 Toyota Highlander, one of the best family cars for under $20,000, according to KBB
2014 Toyota Highlander | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Whether you want the standard model or the hybrid, Highlanders have three rows and seven available seats. That’s plenty of space for an SUV with all that style and capability. Toyota’s renowned reliability is the cherry on top, as the 2013 Toyota Highlander is versatile, spacious, and affordable. Did we mention the resale value? This model is well-known for lasting a long time, making it worth more when you decide to trade or sell.

The 2013 model year is currently selling for an average retail price ranging from $15,675 to $19,225. According to Consumer Reports, reliability is perfect, and owner satisfaction is well above average. It’s highly recommended and is one of the best used family cars for under $20,000.

2. 2016 Honda Odyssey

Honda’s minivan gained more available tech, safety, and convenience features for the 2016 model year. Additionally, it got a bit innovative with things like a built-in vacuum. It’s widely considered one of the best minivans of all time, next to only one other model. It easily ranks at the top of reliability, safety, efficiency, and practicality, according to KBB.

There isn’t much the Odyssey doesn’t have going for it. With all that space, reliability, and tech, how could it be a better family vehicle? As of 2022, it’s incredibly affordable as well. According to Consumer Reports, a used model ranges from $18,725 to $25,700. Higher-end models are still in the mid-$20K range, but how well-equipped a base model is might surprise you.

1. 2014 Toyota Sienna – the best used family car for under $20,000

Of course, the list is topped out with the best minivan on the market. The Toyota Sienna is the only one that ranks above the Odyssey, and it’s everything a family needs. If you need space, tech, safety, and reliability, the Sienna is all of that and more. It has available all-wheel drive, a massive interior, and a solid standard V6 engine.

Consumer Reports scored this model year perfectly for reliability, rear comfort, and more. It received top marks in just about every other category as well. Most importantly, the 2014 model year is now highly affordable. On average, the retail price of the best used family car ranges from $14,475 to $19,275.

Which of the best family cars under $20,000 according to KBB is right for you?

Do you need plenty of space, reliability, and comfort on a budget? Your family will do well with any of these models, which are now more affordable than ever. Buying used can be complicated right now, but minivans are a great option even in the current market. If an SUV is more your style, the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander are known for their safety and reliability, and we can’t recommend them enough. In conclusion, those are the best family cars under $20,000, according to KBB.


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