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When it comes to sensible cars, Toyota’s famed Camry and Corolla are difficult acts to top. The 2023 sales figures support that sentiment, with Toyota car and SUV models outselling their closest rivals. Specifically, the Toyota Camry is the best-selling car in 2023 so far, edging out competition like the Honda Accord and the popular Tesla Model 3.

What is Toyota’s best-selling car?

The Toyota Camry, the marque’s flagship midsize sedan, is its best-selling car. As of October, Toyota sold 217,975 Camrys. Moreover, the Camry outsold its more diminutive sibling, the Corolla, by 52,282 units. 

Car make and model2023 sales YTD (units)
Toyota Camry217,975
Toyota Corolla165,693
Toyota GR868,737
Toyota GR Supra2,097
Toyota Prius25,654

Car and Driver reports that the Camry took the No. 7 spot for vehicle sales overall. Of course, the Camry didn’t stand a chance against the onslaught of popular SUVs and trucks in the American market. For instance, the Japanese manufacturer sold 302,831 units of the Toyota RAV4, the brand’s most popular compact SUV. Consequently, shoppers bought 84,856 more RAV4 SUVs than the marque’s best-selling sedan and nearly twice as many as the Corolla.   

How did the Camry fare against its closest rivals?

The king of Toyota car sales, the 2023 Camry, shows off its understated interior.
A Camry’s interior | Toyota

While the Toyota Camry took the No. 7 spot overall for 2023 sales up to this point, the Camry is the best-selling car in the United States. Further, the Camry outsold its closest competitor, the Honda Accord, by 65,773 units.

Sedan make and model2023 sales YTD (units)2022 sales (units)
Toyota Camry217,975295,201
Tesla Model 3173,500198,200
Toyota Corolla165,693222,216
Honda Accord152,202154,612
Honda Civic146,881133,932

Unsurprisingly, Tesla’s uber-popular Model 3 secured the No. 2 spot among cars overall. Still, Tesla’s most budget-friendly EV couldn’t dethrone the Camry, shifting 44,475 fewer units than the Toyota model. 

Why does Toyota sell so well?


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Toyota has a reputation for reliability, sensibility, and affordability. As a result, car buyers tend to vote with their wallets. However, Toyota isn’t alone in the space; the Honda Accord and Civic also earned spots in the top five best-selling cars. 

Car make and model (2023)Starting price
Toyota Camry$27,415
Toyota Corolla$22,995
Toyota GR86$29,495
Toyota GR Supra$45,735
Toyota Prius$28,545

In the case of the 2023 Toyota Camry, the midsize sedan offers a sensible base, hybrid trims, and even optional all-wheel drive (AWD) in four-cylinder models. Moreover, with a starting price point of around $27,425, the Camry is a more affordable proposition than the Honda Accord. 

Furthermore, consumers associate Toyota with reliability. For instance, iSeeCars gave the Toyota Camry a 9.0 out of 10.0 in terms of overall reliability. What’s more, the Camry earned the No. 2 spot in the midsize category overall, citing the model’s class-leading reliability and safety scores. Moreover, with an annual repair cost of just $388, the Camry boasts a low cost of ownership.

What cars are not selling well?

Unsurprisingly, high-dollar luxury and performance cars sell more infrequently than sensible sedans, SUVs, and trucks. For instance, Lexus has sold just 1,331 striking LC models this year to date (YTD), per GoodCarBadCar.

However, shifting tastes and preferences in the American auto market have led to diminished interest in sedans, hatchbacks, and coupes. Despite the Toyota Camry’s sales successes in the first three quarters of 2023, popular SUVs like the RAV4 routinely outsell sensible sedans by 80,000 or more units.

Americans have been ditching their sedans for SUVs and their ride height, competence in inclement weather, and cavernous cabin space for decades now. Unfortunately, the American apathy toward car models will lead to the discontinuation of nameplates like the now-extinct Avalon.

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