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The best Chevy of 2023 is the Suburban—well, at least according to TrueCar. And while a three-row SUV is not what everybody’s in the market for, Chevy enthusiasts will find much to like about the Suburban. And in addition to awarding the Suburban top honors, TrueCar took the time to rate all 2023 Chevy models—giving us the best and worst Chevrolets of 2023.

A 2023 Chevrolet Suburban parked outside of a modern house.
2023 Chevy Suburban | Chevrolet Media

The best Chevy of 2023

In their recent piece, “Best Chevrolet Cars, Trucks & SUVs,” TrueCar heaped praise on the 2023 Chevy Suburban, noting the abundance of powertrain options, among features.

Three engine options are available with the Suburban’s six trims: the standard 355-hp 5.3-liter V-8, a 277-hp 3.0-liter turbodiesel version, and a 6.2-liter V-8 that generates 420 hp. The Suburban has a maximum tow rating of 8,300 pounds.

TrueCar also noted its generous size and roomy interior. The Suburban seats up to nine, which is great for large families. It’s also an excellent option for those with lots of equipment to haul, as there’s a lot of cargo room when you drop the second and third-row seats.

You’ll likely want to skip the base trim, which comes with an 8.0-inch touchscreen running outdated infotainment software. All other trims get a 10.2-inch touchscreen, a 12.0-inch display cluster, wireless charging, and more.

TrueCar also noted the Suburban’s comfort, which is essential when hauling eight other passengers around. And while they noted the Suburban’s size could make parking a headache, the overall package makes it quite a strong competitor in the three-row SUV segment.

The worst 2023 Chevy models according to TrueCar

TrueCar had a much less favorable impression of some of Chevy’s latest offerings. Out of 19 models on dealer lots this year, TrueCar judged the Chevrolet Trax and 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD as the worst consumer vehicles available.

They ranked number 16 and 17, respectively. But bringing up the rear were Chevy’s two commercial offerings, the 2023 Express Passenger Van and the 2023 Express Cargo Van.

Of the Passenger Van, TrueCar notes that the 15-seater has been on the road for nearly three decades. And while it has been popular with fleet operators, it has not embraced many modern amenities today’s drivers or passengers expect.

For example, most of today’s vehicles are manufactured with an infotainment touchscreen that is usually compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In this case, there’s neither a touchscreen nor CarPlay compatibility. Other features commonly found in today’s vehicles, like an outside temperature display, are only available as an upgrade.

Since Chevrolet does include features like these in every other vehicle, from the Suburban to the Silverado 3500, why hasn’t it included them here? The company likely doesn’t think it needs to.

The Passenger Van is renowned for its spaciousness, reliability, and toughness. And it still sells reasonably well, even if it endures criticism from automotive publications.

Why the Chevy Express Cargo Van came in dead last

The 2023 Chevy Express Cargo Van suffers from the same deficits as the Passenger Van, namely that it lacks expected amenities. But what set the Cargo Van and Passenger Van apart were two other criticisms: poor fuel economy and lack of all-wheel drive (AWD).

Now, with a cargo van that offers up to 284 cubic feet of space, you should expect a fair amount of gas-guzzling. But the Express Cargo Van’s fuel efficiency is pretty low even by its segment’s standards.

And while, like the Passenger Van, the Cargo Van is known for its reliability and ruggedness, it’s pretty surprising AWD isn’t offered. The standard RWD just won’t cut it on rough roads in harsh weather, especially when your insides are filled to bursting with precious cargo.

Again, Chevy hasn’t brought its Express Cargo Van up to conventional standards because it doesn’t need to. The Cargo Van, too, is a perennial best-seller among fleet operators because it gets the fundamentals right.

But consumer demand for deliveries remains high, and there are more small fleet operators and independent owner-operators than ever. And time will tell if Chevy can maintain its spot in the market with its relatively bare-bones offerings.


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