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The Toyota Corolla Cross is the Japanese automaker’s latest and greatest new subcompact SUV. Toyota had a rough few years in the subcompact SUV segment with models like the Toyota C-HR. The Corolla Cross marks a new era for Toyota subcompact SUVs since the model already seems much more competitive than the C-HR. After all, it is closely related to one of the brand’s most successful nameplates.

Expectations are high for the Toyota Corolla Cross

A blue Toyota Corolla Cross is driving on the road.
The Toyota Corolla Cross | Toyota

The Toyota Corolla has been in production since way back in 1966. The small car is in its 12th generation. Why has the nameplate stood the test of time?

The Corolla is a best-selling car because it’s value-oriented. New models come with great standard safety features, and the small car’s pricing is affordable compared to many of its rivals. The Corolla has made a huge impact on the industry over the years and is the vehicle of choice for millions of American drivers.

Today, SUVs are the dominant vehicle segment. Small SUVs like the Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, and Honda CR-V account for a large percentage of the vehicles on American roads. Toyota already produces a best-selling model in the small SUV segment with the RAV4. What about the subcompact segment?

Since the bold and rather eccentric Toyota C-HR hit the scene in 2018, it hasn’t had the warmest reception. So what better way to take another crack at the subcompact SUV vehicle segment than to build off of the legacy of another popular model? The Corolla Cross is, as its name suggests, a Corolla crossover model that competes in the subcompact SUV vehicle segment.

What is the ultimate 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross configuration?

A white 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross is driving on the road.
The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross | Toyota

Like the Corolla, the Corolla Cross has plenty of trim levels and package options for consumers to choose from. Since it’s initially affordable, consumers can afford upper trim levels and get incredible value for the money.

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross XLE is the final Corolla Cross trim level. It starts at $27,165. The Corolla Cross XLE with all-wheel drive starts at $28,465. It comes standard with ambient lighting, a smart key system, and a leather shift knob. The subcompact SUV also includes a leather-trimmed steering wheel, heated front seats, and heated power outside mirrors with turn signal and blind-spot warning indicators.

Coupled with all-wheel drive, the XLE is the ultimate Corolla Cross configuration, minus a few additions that make it even sweeter. Consumers can add the convenience package with options for an additional $2,665. The convenience package includes a nine-speaker JBL Premium Audio system, an adaptive front lighting system, and a power liftgate and moonroof. This brings the Corolla Cross XLE AWD’s price to $31,050 before additional taxes and fees.

Should you get a Toyota Corolla Cross?

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross comes with great standard driver assistance features. It’s affordable enough for consumers to add all-wheel drive and choose between upper trim levels. If you’re looking for your first subcompact SUV, the Corolla Cross is a great sedan alternative. That being said, it’s important to acknowledge that there are better options in its segment.

The Mazda CX-30 and Hyundai Kona are at the top of U.S. News & World Report subcompact SUV rankings. The Kia Soul is a great option as well. The CX-30 is the best option for drivers looking for a classy luxury adjacent subcompact SUV. The Kona is a fun and quirky option that has generated plenty of buzz. The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross is competitive, but there are better options for the money.


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