Believe It or Not, Range Rover vs Mustang GT Is a Fair Fight

Typically, when the experts compare vehicles, they pit models against others within the same segment. In a recent, ‘which would you rather own’ comparison on YouTube, we found an apples-to-oranges speed race. It’s not every day you see a Range Rover going head to head with the iconic muscle of a Mustang GT. Not only was it an interesting result, but it was a fair fight face-off, believe it or not.

The Range Rover brings beefy power

In one corner, this head to head competition features an unlikely candidate. The Range Rover SVR is known to bring plenty of power. With its 5.0 supercharged V8, it harnesses 575 horses and offers 516 lbs-ft of torque. It’s an SUV at heart, though, and brings some extra weight considering its size and stature. Weighing in at 5,093 pounds, it’s hard to think the Range Rover will get up enough strength to edge out the Mustang GT.

The Mustang GT flexes every muscle

In the other corner, the Mustang GT is ready to rumble and flexes every muscle it has. With the 5.0L DOHC NA V8, the pony emblem hooks up to 460 horses and offers 420 lbs-ft of torque. The horsepower is considerably less than that of the Range Rover, but the GT is a much lighter and more aerodynamic racing machine. Weighing in at 3,705 pounds, the Mustang is ready for take-off.

First-round results

When watching the video, you may not be surprised to see the Mustang GT jump ahead of the Range Rover SVR. But in this quarter-mile run, it doesn’t take long for the Rover to catch up. In fact, when they cross the finish line, both vehicles clocked at the same time. Believe it or not, both the Mustang GT and Range Rover SVR landed at 13.05 seconds and logged 109 mph.

Second-round results

As these two monsters of power line up for a second run, you may find yourself silently rooting for the Range Rover SVR. You know the Mustang GT is doing precisely what it’s designed to do. But, the Rover is supposed to be a family ride, right?

In the second round, the Mustang GT shaved a few seconds off its previous time and clocked at 12.9 seconds and 109 mph. The Range Rover SVR came in slightly behind it with a 13.25 second time and 107 mph speed. You may have expected the muscle car to beat out the SUV from the beginning, but you may not have expected it to be such a close call or a fair fight.

Which would you rather own?

Scrolling through the comments, it’s a mixed bag of preferences in terms of which you would rather own. Some cite the versatility of the Range Rover; it’s fast and functional. Others are hanging their flag on the Mustang GT. Ultimately, deciding between these two vehicles might not be a matter of speed, but rather a budget consideration.

The super-capable Range Rover SVR marries the power with upscale comfort and function, and with it a hefty price tag. The Rover in this video has a purchase price of $115,795. The Mustang GT may undoubtedly be first on race day, but it’s not necessarily ideal for a family of five. But, at $36,350 starting price, the Mustang is going to be the more budget-friendly option between the two.

Regardless of which model you would choose to park in your garage, this speed test may have enlightened you. While the Range Rover SVR and the Mustang GT are nothing alike in a variety of areas, it’s clearly a fair fight on the track.