The Range Rover SVR Is a Legitimately Sporty SUV

If you’re looking for an SUV that’s sporty and one that handles well off-road in mud and snow, along with great traction on unsurfaced roads like gravel and sand, then the 2020 Range Rover is worth a closer look. A good off-road vehicle¬†should have exceptional traction on all types of surfaces – including wet pavement. You can get that and much more with the Range Rover Sport SVR.

One driver exclaims that the 2020 Range Rover SVR is the only off-road-ready SUV on the market that is fun to drive and extremely capable for hugging those twisted mountain roads so common in canyon landscapes. We take a look at what this test drive expert from TheSmokingTire experienced when he took this sport Land Rover through steep ravines and rough, off-road paths. A road trip like this can really put a car’s suspension system, ground clearance heights, and weight distribution to the test. 

Range Rover SVR Impressions

Exactly what makes a car fun to drive can be purely subjective. An SUV that can attack hills without hesitation may bring a rush of adrenaline to some drivers. For others, an SUV that can travel gingerly and as slow as possible to overcome off-road obstacles in addition to moving with agility and power to scoot up a mud-covered hill would qualify as driving fun. Then for many others, a casual cruise luxuriating in a high-quality interior may be essential to experiencing true driver happiness. The 2020 Range Rover may be the answer to one of the most legitimately fun SUVs you can drive!

Credit: Land Rover

“I love how it looks, I love how it feels to the touch, and I really like how it drives”, remarks TheSmokingTire test driver. The reviewed version of this Range Rover Sport features a supercharged V8 engine comes with 575 hp, 516 lb/ft of torque, and of course, all-wheel-drive. With a base price of $114,000 for the SVR, the road-tested version contained about $15,000 in options. These include the driver assistance package, sport adaptive suspension, and some upgraded interior appointments.

The driver easily careens around curving roads as the engine roar suggests a more powerful, super-fast auto. The tires are very meaty at 295/22s – which makes them as capable off-road as they are on the road. This SUV isn’t trying to be a sports car, the heft and solid feel of the car gives it a luxurious feel. He also noted how much more leather was included in the interior, such as on the lower glove box surfaces and lower door panels.

Still an Off-Roader

Credit: Land Rover

Once the driver exited the paved roads, the fun really kicked in! Pulling off-road, the Range Rover’s settings were changed. But first, you must decide which setting is best. Off-road choices include Mud and Ruts, Sand, Grass-Gravel-Snow. Choosing the latter, the driver began his hustle through an off-road canyon trail. The dirt and rocky trail were not the most difficult, and even though your basic cross-over could manage through the same terrain – you simply won’t have as much fun doing it.

Not only could the driver the exceptional suspension system smoothing out dips and humps, doing it surrounded by a luxury interior made the trip well worth it! The combination of both sports car features and off-roading features is what makes driving the 2020 Range Rover SVR a seriously fun drive! The full touch screen is automotive grade. In theory, it should last longer and they operate better in temperature swings. As this test driver ends his off-road ride, in his opinion – “I love looking at it, I love driving it, I love sitting in it. It’s so comfortable. It’s so fast…my friends love riding in the back of it and it holds all my stuff. It’ well-rounded enough to deal with any task you throw at it!”