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Comfort is a relative term. What’s comfortable to someone may be agonizing for another, but in general, we have all agreed that certain aspects of cars and trucks make them uncomfortable for nearly anyone. If we can agree on that, then how are there still cars and trucks that we love that we also agree are horribly uncomfortable? Who knows? But here are the most uncomfortable cars that people somehow still love. 

Gerhard Berger Before His Lamborghini Countach
Gerhard Berger and his Lamborghini Countach | Didi Sattmann. 1986. Imagno/Getty Images


The most common of military surplus vehicles, the Humvee shows off its large proportions in a Polish port.
Humvees | Mateusz Slodkowski, SOPA Images, LightRocket via Getty Images

We mentioned above; there are just some things that no one finds comfortable. Hard surfaces, really loud noises, and being crammed into tiny spaces. The Humvee features all of these factors and more. 

The Humvee was made for the military. Comfort wasn’t even the last thing on the designer’s list; it wasn’t on the list at all. The Humvee’s interior is made up of an array of hard angular surfaces. There is nothing inside that isn’t for keeping you alive, driving, or another basic function. The Humvee also didn’t bother with sound insulation. And given its extreme off-roading ability, the suspension is stiff and unforgiving. 

Any race car

BMW M2 race car
BMW M2 CS race car | BMW

This is the truest thing on four wheels. Everyone loves the idea of a race car. As Jalopnik points out, many people love to scheme about buying a race car and getting it road legal. This is dumb. Don’t do this. Wanting to drive a race car daily is like wanting to wear football cleats to the grocery store; it’ll only look silly and make your life harder. 

Jeep Wrangler 

As a Jeep Wrangler owner of 11 years, I can back this up completely. Jeeps aren’t comfortable in any way. Like the Humvee, they are loud, bouncy, unstable, and cramped. Choosing to drive one every day is kind of nuts, but they are fun. Jeeps are easy to hate and even easier to love. 

Lamborghini Countach

The Lamborghini Countach with its doors open
The Lamborghini Countach | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

There is nothing quite like a Countach. However, at this point in the car nerd echo chamber, there are many people who aren’t aware of the fact that the Countach is a horrible car. Although it might be the most radical car design ever, it is slow, has terrible visibility, has a poor seating position, and is extremely cramped. However, like every other car dork out there, you won’t see me turning one down any time soon. 

U-Haul Box truck

Even once you’ve done everything you have to do when you are in a box truck, there is no one on Earth who likes driving one. There are zero amenities. Like, my last truck didn’t even have Bluetooth. Aside from that, the seats aren’t really adjustable, the cabin sounds like you’re in a tin box in a windstorm, and you are constantly worried you’ll break everything in the back because the suspension is seemingly made of steel rebar. 

Ford Focus RS

This is one of the coolest production cars we’ve seen in decades. Of course, out of production now, the Ford Focus RS is highly favored by the hot hatch crowd. While it’s an absolute scream to drive one of these friendly rally cars, part of that scream is from pain. 

Not only is the RS’s suspension stiff, seats hard, and exhaust surprisingly loud, but it also has one of the stiffest clutch pedals known to mankind. Few cars are this much fun to drive and this miserable to be in.