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How many times have you daydreamed about winning a sweepstakes or raffle, and overnight, your life changes? Well, for one young British gentleman, that’s exactly what happened when he won a supercar. Only, the joy didn’t last long. The 24-year-old Brit won a Lamborghini Huracan in a raffle, only to crash it a few weeks later. 

Do people actually win the car giveaways? 

While we can’t guarantee the legitimacy of any online car raffle, some of these contests are certainly legit. After paying .99p ($1.20) for a raffle ticket to win a black Lamborghini Huracan, the young man’s ticket was picked, and he got the keys to his supercar just last month. 

The Huracan came from a Click Competitions raffle. The grand prize offered him either the Lamborghini or £100,000 ($119,000) in cash. As any self-respecting young person would do, Grant Burnett – the contest winner – took the supercar. 

What happened to the Lamborghini Huracan? 

A Lamborghini Huracan with a busted up hood and quarter panel
Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan | The Daily Mail

Where fortune goes, drama often follows. 

The young Lamborghini owner didn’t enjoy his car for long. In late February, only a few weeks after getting the car, Burnett took to Facebook saying that his black supercar had sustained some damage. He quickly denounced rumors that he was responsible for the crash. Burnett said that “some cow” had hit him from the rear, forcing him to “spin out.” Soon after, photos surfaced from The Daily Mail showing some wide-ranging damage. 

The front end certainly took a good pop. The hood is crumpled, and a front quarter panel is ripped asunder. The front bumper got worked, and the front splitter was completely torn off. The damage is ugly and extensive. Burnett fired back at Facebook users claiming he was responsible with a barrage of spicy language; 

“F**k the lot of you sharing the photo of the Lambo and trying to say it’s my fault doing 150mph, haha,” he wrote. “The car would have crumbled if I hit the barrier at that speed; any c**t want to say something, feel free to give me a message! I wasn’t at fault for the crash because some cow hit the back of the car, making me spin out.” 

Why are people always crashing supercars? 

Lamborghini Hurracan Winner pictured standing next to his black supercar.
Lamborghini Hurracan Winner | YouTube: Click Competition

In the age of stability control and other computer-powered driver aids, many drivers have lost the knowledge that powerful cars can be quite hard to control. Most drivers have no concept of what it means to keep four small pieces of rubber gripped with many hundreds of horsepower. Many cars today casually have 200-300 hp. This was earth-shattering power only a few decades ago. In the case of the Lamborghini Huracan, Burnett was working with 630 hp. Even with computer help, that is a serious pile of horses. 

We are not commenting on what happened with this particular crash, but it is quite easy to lose control if you have little experience with that much power. This fact is why so many supercar rentals or new supercar owners end up in ditches or otherwise torn up.

People treat supercars with a strange casualness that doesn’t make sense. Most people don’t assume they can fly a plane, ride a bull, skateboard, or rock climb. If we understand that those extreme activities require skill and training, why do so many drivers assume they can drive race cars? 

Whatever happened to this Lamborghini, it is a shame that Burnett didn’t get to enjoy his car for longer.