Avoid This Sports Car if You Value Fuel Economy

We don’t always expect our sports cars to have the best fuel economy. In fact, chances are if you care about fuel economy you might opt for something that’s altogether electric. In modern times, we’ve laid to rest the idea that large displacement motors are the only way to get impressive power, and starting introducing more cars with smaller engines that still provide power, but also provide better fuel economy. This is becoming more popular in many sports cars, even, but some sports cars will still leave you to make more trips to the gas station than you’d probably fancy.

The least fuel-efficient

According to Consumer Reports, there is one sports car of this year that stands out for having the worst fuel economy out there. While critics and owners might not agree with their choice, it still isn’t one of the most fuel-efficient sports cars you will find. If you’ve ever driven something with a large displacement motor like a V10-toting Dodge Viper, then you won’t be too disappointed with the Mustang GT’s averaged 19mpg.

An assembly line of Ford Mustang GT cars
Ford Mustang GTs go through assembly at a factory | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Reported fuel economy is debatable

There are a lot of factors that affect fuel efficiency, and that can mean reported fuel economy varies significantly depending on where you look. What manufacturers report as the car’s average fuel economy can sometimes be calculated in ideal conditions. Drivers might experience different values depending on their personal driving styles and several other factors. That is something important to keep in mind any time you’re looking at fuel economy figures.

High Performance Package adds Mustang GT brakes, and GT Performance Package aerodynamics and suspension components to make it the highest-performing production four-cylinder Mustang ever.
Mustang High-Performance Package | Ford

We don’t really care

Chances are if you are buying a Mustang GT you probably don’t care much about fuel economy anyways. In fact, compared to sports cars in other model years, the Mustang GT’s fuel efficiency isn’t that far from being reasonable. On the other hand, it is far from the most expensive sports car on the market, so maybe it evens itself out in price between your budget for gas and monthly payments.

A 700hp Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500
The 2020 Ford Mustang GT | Paul Marotta/Getty Images

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Because fuel efficiency is so subject to driving styles, we are sure most Mustang GT owners probably get worse fuel economy than even what Consumer Reports claims.