Can You Daily Drive a Dodge Viper?

Sometimes the worst part of running a mundane errand revolves around the time you spend getting to wherever it is you need to go. Sitting in traffic, stop light after stop light or making your way down the highway can be a total drag on your day. Whether you drive 10 minutes a day or over an hour, sometimes choosing an unconventional sports car like a Lotus Elise can make your daily excursion that much more enjoyable. While we decided the Lotus was just too small for comfort, we turned to the much larger, and significantly more comfortable, Dodge Viper.

While there is some debate as to whether the Dodge Viper might actually kill you if you try to drive it, an experienced driver may find this to be an enjoyable way to drive around town.

Flashy or Stealthy

The Dodge Viper has an aggressive appearance that takes a lot of personality from its color. A sleek, black Viper may be a calmer and more stealthy daily for the businessman who doesn’t want to draw too much attention. A stryker green Viper, on the other hand, can be flashy and startle passerby drivers with its bold styling. The standard styling for any generation of Dodge Viper is both stunning and muted and can fit any type of driver for your daily driving purposes.

The exhaust, on the other hand, is anything but low-key. In fact, without modifying the mufflers that come on the cars originally, the Dodge Viper is loud enough to make anyone nearby roll their eyes. While the style can be toned down and modest, the car has no silent mode and isn’t a great option if you leave for work before most people are up and at the coffee pot.

(GERMANY OUT) 2014 Dodge Viper (blue Viper 2013) sports cars at the JRDN Restaurant & Tower23 Hotel in San Diego. (Photo by Dünzl\ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Comfort and Storage

The inside of the Dodge Viper is unmistakably…Dodge. It’s plastic rattles and squeaks and the doors clunk when you get in or out. On the other hand, the leather seats are nicely padded and provide enough comfort and support for a short trip to the store or a few hours to a weekend getaway.

The Viper offers a trunk space that is large enough for most grocery trips – if you aren’t feeding a family of 6. You could probably fit two duffel bags in the trunk with a little space for smaller cargo. The interior space is limited and the center console and glove box offer little in way of storage. The wide center console separates the driver and passenger into two comfortable large but very divided sections of the car. There is enough space for a taller individual to both ride shotgun and drive, and you don’t have to worry about feeling too cramped. Overall the car can hold enough to make it a moderately practical car.


Of course, if this car was a perfect daily driver you might be more inclined to see them on your morning route, but there are some pretty significant downfalls of driving the Viper every day. The gas mileage, for instance, is pretty deterring, in fact, in a short 30-minute commute you might burn almost half of a tank of gas sitting in traffic. Have you ever been able to watch your gas meter decrease as you accelerate? That’s how much of a gas guzzler this really is.

The Viper is also relatively difficult to handle for drivers who aren’t as experienced with similar cars. The long front end of the car and low seats make it seem almost as if you’re piloting a large ship, and the car’s wheel hop and inability to get traction when conditions are less than ideal make this car a little sketchy to drive in traffic. While it can be a simple drive during a dry summer, rain or snowy conditions will make you think twice about reaching for the keys.

BERLIN, GERMANY – DECEMBER 02: Close-up of a fuel gauge indicating an empty gas tank on December 02, 2013, in Berlin, Germany. Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)***Local Caption***

Overall, there are probably several other people that love to daily drive the Dodge Viper, and really, with enough experience, they aren’t the worse choice out there. While there are some definite downsides, most of these can be conquered with driving experience or emotional acceptance that you’re just going to have to get gas more frequently. The practicality of the car outweighs the potential problems for drivers who like to have a real ‘car guy’ experience every day, or just like to get their heart rate up on their way to work without having to order that extra shot of espresso.