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Marc Wiley

Marc has been an avid follower of NASCAR and Formula 1 racing since his childhood. This passion for speed led him to pursue a career in automotive journalism in 2017. Marc then joined MotorBiscuit as a Sedans & Coupes writer in 2023. While Marc’s favorite vehicle is the F22 BMW M235i, his area of automotive expertise extends to hot hatches, sports cars, wagons, car detailing, sustainable transportation, and more. 

Marc’s automotive passions extend beyond the written word. He also has a natural flair for mechanical work and is a self-taught expert in everything from basic oil changes to complex car repairs. Even today, he continues to indulge his love for cars by not only writing about them but also enhancing their performance through modifications and running a car detailing business in Burlington, VT.

Marc previously attended Pace University, where he studied Marketing. He has also received the Team O’Neil Rally School Certificate of Completion and, in February 2023, received the MotorBiscuit Journalism Award for his article, The Most Reliable Mazda Is the Only One Good for Over 200,000 Miles

In his free time, Marc enjoys reading industry publications like Road & Track and Car and Driver. He also greatly admires writers such as Alanis King, Kristen Lee, Matt Farah, Jason Cammisa, Larry Kosilla, Elizabeth Blackstock, and Raphael Orlove.

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