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In the world of luxury sedans, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is regarded as one of the most striking designs on the road today. And when things are working well, both the standard Giulia and the Quadrifoglio are among the most enticing luxury cars to drive. Unfortunately though, this model is marked by a reputation for poor reliability. Here are five of the most common problems with the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia in green metallic
Alfa Romeo Giulia | Stellantis

1. Electrical Problems

Perhaps the most notorious of the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s common problems has to do with the electrical system. There are a series of common faults with the wiring and assembly of the Giulia that cause a host of problems for their owners.

One example includes the car shutting off without warning and not restarting, while others complained that several warning lights would come on at once, despite no mechanical failures to speak of. Other complaints include battery draining, failures of the stop-start system, and issues with corroded or leaking batteries.

2. Engine Misfires

Alfa Romeo Giulia models from 2017 and 2018 were recalled due to an engine misfiring problem. This issue affected the 2.0-liter turbocharged models and could lead to bigger failures if left unchecked. Misfires would cause the catalytic converter to overheat and could damage engine wiring and cause additional electrical faults. Worst-case scenarios could result in engine fires and failing exhaust systems.

3. Anti-Lock Brake Failure

The Alfa Romeo Giulia in blue, drifting around a track
Alfa Romeo Giulia | Stellantis

Nobody wants an issue to affect their brakes, but the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s common problems included two brake faults. The first involved a failure of the anti-lock braking system. In 2020 and 2021 Giulia models, hard braking could separate the ABS system’s hydraulic control unit. This would cause reduced braking power and a loss of anti-lock braking altogether. Certainly not something you want when you need to come to an emergency stop. This 2021 recall allowed Alfa Romeo Giulia drivers to have their HCU replaced, free of charge.

4. Failing Rear Brake Discs

A second brake issue plaguing 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia drivers was even more dangerous. The rear brake discs in these Giulia models were prone to breaking apart, causing a sudden and complete loss of braking power. This 2020 Alfa Romeo recall meant free brake rotor and pad replacements for any affected models.

5. Fuel Leaks and Fire Risk

We’re back to potential vehicle fires now, this time due to fuel leaks in 2020 and 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia models. This common problem was due to a crack in the fuel line sensor housing. This would allow fuel to leak from the fuel lines, increasing the risk of fire. Discovery of the fault led Alfa Romeo to offer free fixes for all affected Giulia models.</p>

Other Common Alfa Romeo Giulia Problems

There are a handful of other common Alfa Romeo Giulia problems as well. Contaminated and leaking brake fluid were frequently reported with 2017 and 2018 Giulia models. Those with Giulias from 2017 to 2019 reported an inability to disable the adaptive cruise control system due to faulty brake module software. And for Giulia models between 2018 and 2019 a common issue with the fuel gauge would result in higher readings which resulted in several stranded owners.

A red Alfa Romeo Giulia on track
Alfa Romeo Giulia | Stellantis

Is the Alfa Romeo Giulia Reliable?

Despite resolving all of the above problems with free recall fixes, these common Alfa Romeo Giulia problems earned the model a reputation for being unreliable. A report from J.D. Power gave the Giulia a score of 74 out of 100 for reliability, putting it in the average range. In the end, it is a wonderful car to own and drive, but is it reliable enough to be someone’s only car? With proper maintenance it should be, but so many recalls make it a tough commitment.

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