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Despite the rise of trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, sedans and coupes aren’t going away anytime soon. And their sporty variants aren’t either. At least, not all of them and not everywhere. As it happens, there is one Audi coupe that’s about to say ‘adieu.’ Right after getting a makeover for 2021, the Audi TT RS is saying ‘adieu.’ But it’s not going quietly.   

The Audi TT RS faces the music in 2022 in the US

A blue 2021 Audi TT RS on a beachside road
2021 Audi TT RS | Audi

For now, the TT RS stands above the TT and TTS in the Audi TT lineup. And it packs something rare not just amongst TTs, but cars in general: a five-cylinder engine. Furthermore, despite Audi’s history with the inline-five, it only uses this engine in two cars today: the TT RS and the 2022 RS 3.

Unfortunately, a special feature like that isn’t enough to keep the Audi TT RS afloat in the US. Although Audi isn’t discontinuing US-market coupes entirely, the TT RS is getting the ax after the 2022 model year. Once that happens, only international markets will be able to buy it.

As of this writing, Audi hasn’t released an official explanation into the TT RS’s cancelation. Sales figures are likely a factor, though. There were even rumors in 2020 that Audi would cancel its stylish coupe. But while that didn’t happen, the automaker’s decision might’ve only delayed the inevitable.

So, after 10 years of US sales, the TT RS is going away. However, it’s at least going out in style.

Ur-Quattro-style 2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition: one final ‘auf Wiedersehen’

The full selection of 2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Editions
2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition lineup | Audi
2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition
Engine2.5-liter ‘2.5 TFSI’ inline-five
Horsepower394 hp
Torque354 lb-ft
TransmissionSeven-speed dual-clutch automatic
Drive typeAll-wheel drive
Curb weight3296 lbs
0-60 mph time3.6 seconds (claimed)
3.4 seconds (Car and Driver)

There’s another Audi that pops up whenever the TT RS and its engine get mentioned: the original Quattro. With a turbocharged five-cylinder under its hood and AWD for traction, the Quattro dominated the rally scene. And to satisfy homologation requirements, Audi sold road-going versions, dubbed ‘Ur-Quattros,’ to regular consumers.

The Audi TT RS already had a Quattro-themed limited-edition in 2020, but that wasn’t sold in the US. But in a bittersweet moment, the 2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition and its Ur-Quattro homages are US-only.

The first homage is the color. Like the Ur-Quattro, the 2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition is available in five different shades. And each exterior color is matched to a specific leather-and-stitching combination. The combos break down like this:

  • Alpine White with Ocean Blue leather and Diamond Silver stitching
  • Helios Blue Metallic with Diamond Silver leather and Ocean Blue stitching
  • Stone Gray Metallic with Crimson Red leather and Jet Gray stitching
  • Tizian Red Metallic with Havanna Brown leather and Jet Gray stitching
  • Malachite Green Metallic with Cognac Brown leather and Black stitching
The tan-leather interior and black dashboard of a green 2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition
2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition interior | Audi

The 2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition doesn’t get any extra power or torque than the standard version. But it does have 20” wheels, Alcantara on the steering wheel and shifter, black exhaust tips, and OLED taillights. The steering wheel also gets a 12-o-clock strip in the same shade as the leather. And the final cosmetic touches are the ‘Heritage Edition,’ ‘Quattro,’ and ‘1-2-4-5-3’ firing order scripts etched into the rear glass.

However, there’s also something missing. Rather than a fixed rear wing, the Audi TT RS Heritage Edition uses the ‘regular’ electronically-retractable spoiler for a cleaner look.

Should you get in line for one of these limited-edition goodbyes?

If you like the 2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition’s looks, you’ll have to get in line quickly. Audi is only making 50 examples, 10 in each color combination. Both it and the standard TT RS go on sale at the beginning of 2022.

Those Quattro homages also come at a premium. For its last model year, the Audi TT RS gets a $700 price jump to $73,200. The TT RS Heritage Edition, though, costs $81,450. So, given that it’s mostly a cosmetics package, don’t be too upset if you can’t get ahold of one.

Getting the regular TT RS also means you can invest the savings into more fuel. And that means more time driving the last version of Audi’s most extreme TT.

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