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Though its cars are somewhat conservative looking, Audi’s concept vehicles really reach. Continuing with that approach, this is the Audi Robosphere, a street-legal electric bike Audi intends to make in small numbers. While it looks too designy, futuristic, and complex to ever see production, that is Audi’s plan. So, what is the Robosphere’s mission?

The German automaker wants the Robosphere to break the world speed record for EVs, according to Living With Gravity. And secondarily, it wants to use it as a reminder of Audi’s electrification plans. With the design by Andrea DiMatteo, the Robosphere is pushing many different boundaries. 

Does the Audi Robosphere look like a bike to you?

Audi Robosphere EV motorcycle concept rear studio shot
Audi Robosphere EV motorcycle concept | Audi

Unlike most bikes, the Robosphere looks like a single form. There is no differentiation of the engine, tank, wheels, etc. Even the taillights are blending into the overall form. When not lit, it is hard to tell they’re even there. A couple of vents and intakes are the only interruptions to the form. 

In fact, the form is so unrecognizable as a motorcycle that Audi has chosen to use clear panels so viewers can see this is a mechanical beast and not just one big sculpture. Even the handlebars are hidden behind bodywork. That may or may not cause problems for riders, but then again, will the Robosphere really see production?

Will the Audi Robosphere be heavy?

Audi Robosphere EV motorcycle design sketches
Audi Robosphere EV motorcycle concepts | Audi

And maybe for buyers, it will really be more of a sculpture than anything as practical and pedestrian as a motorcycle. And it looks heavy, not light and lithe like, say, a Bimota Tesi 3D. But visually, there is absolutely nothing comparable between the two. 

Bodywork always tends to add weight, no matter if it is carbon fiber or magnesium. Then, there are the attachment points to hang the body onto the bike frame. But for speed records, there is much to say for smooth, aerodynamic bodies. Stabbing a vehicle into the atmosphere is less about weight and more about power and smoothing out airflow. 

Will Audi really produce a limited number of these?

Audi Robosphere EV motorcycle concept studio shot
Audi Robosphere EV motorcycle concept | Audi

We have our doubts Audi will make any Robosphere bikes available to the public. Yet, the target customer for this machine probably doesn’t care about cost. So, with enough money, any vehicle can be made in series. 

And this vehicle is so cool looking, fast, and exclusive that it won’t matter how much Audi asks for the Robosphere. There will be more customers than Audi makes, which it says it wants to limit to 50 examples. 

Audi Robosphere EV motorcycle concept see-through
Audi Robosphere EV motorcycle concept | Audi

Audi has already shown it is serious about building exclusive EVs. It is also participating in Formula E and Formula 1 plans for electrification. This motorcycle is just one more step in establishing itself as not only a high-end performance car manufacturer but one with a legacy of great design and high performance. 


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