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Meridian Audio is a prestigious British audio brand that’s been around since 1977. This brand pioneered high-end CD players in the 1980s and developed a standardized lossless compression format for DVDs in the 1990s. But today, Meridian car speakers are the brand’s bread and butter, especially in British luxury vehicles. Let’s look at which cars offer Meridian audio systems and whether they’re worth the cost.

A circular Meridian car speaker
Meridian car speaker | Meridian

Are Meridian car speakers good?

Yes, Meridian sound systems are high-end audio equipment full of proprietary technology. In fact, Jeremy Clarkson himself declared a Meridian audio system “quite simply the best [he’s] ever encountered” while reviewing a Land Rover.

In addition to high-quality speakers, Meridian has several technologies that work in concert with the speakers to deliver the best audio experience. The RE-Q cabin correction technology removes unwanted cabin noise to emphasize the music, and Meridian Digital Precision reduces distortion by maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio. The clever Trfield 3D system uses a dedicated height channel rendering the true scale and location of all instruments, providing a sense of realism in the cabin.

Meridian Horizon technology takes music that was recorded in two-channel stereo and configures it for an audio system with more speakers, like the 14-speaker system available in Kia models. Intelli-Q is another modern technology that uses data-driven equalization optimizing sound quality and volume based on factors like speed, window state, and seat occupancy.

All of these technologies work together behind the scenes to deliver one of the finest audio experiences you’ll find in any vehicle.

What cars have Meridian speakers?

The brands in the JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) family all use Meridian audio systems. In fact, every Jaguar and Land Rover model for sale today in the U.S. comes standard with Meridian car speakers. The British heritage of these brands makes Meridian a perfect fit for their finely crafted interiors.

Even the more affordable models in these brands use Meridian audio systems. The Jaguar XF, Jaguar E-Pace, and Land Rover Discovery Sport all start at under $50k, and they all say “Meridian” on their speaker grilles, even in their respective base trims.

Although it might seem like the opposite of Jaguar or Land Rover, Kia is the other car manufacturer that offers Meridian car speakers in the U.S. The Kia EV6 in the Wind, GT-Line, and GT trims are equipped with a Meridian 14-speaker sound system. The upcoming Kia EV9 will also offer a 14-speaker Meridian sound system in the Land and GT-Line trims.

Does an upgraded sound system add value to a car?

A premium sound system only increases a car’s value insofar as it’s bundled with its respective trim, which always includes other features and accessories that add to its value. Since Meridian car speakers are standard in all new Jaguar and Land Rover models, it really can’t increase the value of the car on the used market. It’s not a unique feature if every example of a given make and model has the same sound system.

However, the Meridian sound system that’s optional in the Kia EV6 and Kia EV9 can add a little bit to their value on the used market. But, again, the audio system only adds value because it’s standard in the higher trims.

In any case, you should choose the Meridian sound system because you care about audio quality, not to increase the value of the car.

Source: Meridian