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From the outside, splitting the 2024 BMW M3 and M4 is a matter of simply counting doors. But these two BMW sports cars are unique from each other in a few other ways as well. In looking at the differences between the BMW M3 and M4, some surprising attributes stand out that separate the two models.

Is the BMW M3 or M4 a Better Sports Car?

Granted, the difference is minute, but the 2023 BMW M4 weighs 10 pounds less than the four-door M4. The weight difference is a combination of the added door hardware and longer roof of the M3, so the added heft also raises the center of gravity.

It may not seem like much, but the results of that weight savings mean that the M4 gets to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, compared to 3.9 in the M3. Splitting hairs? Maybe, but in these high-performance sports cars, each incremental improvement can make a difference.

What is the Biggest Difference Between BMW M3 and M4?

A matte black 2023 BMW M4 with a manual transmission drives country roads.
2023 BMW M4 | BMW

While the coupe body style makes the M4 sleeker than the M3, there is a price to pay for that added style. The trunk of the BMW M3 measures 13 cubic feet to the M4 at 12 cubes. That single cubic foot may not seem like a difference, but when we’re talking grand touring cars, every bit of cargo space helps make life easier.

More passenger space in the BMW M3 versus M4

Another unexpected oddity when comparing the BMW M3 and M4 is the seat count. Despite having the same chassis configuration, the two-door M4 is a four-seat model while the M3 gets a full, three-person backseat.

In addition, the M3 offers an extra inch of shoulder room for front-seat occupants despite an identical exterior width. The interior configuration differences extend to the rear seats as well. In the M4 occupants have 51 inches of shoulder room while the M3 offers nearly 55. In addition, those in the back seat of an M4 have 34.7 inches of legroom while M3 occupants get 35.6, per Edmunds.

All of these differences are minute on their own, but together combine to make the M4 a cramped experience when compared to the M3. That said, for just a driver and passenger, both have enough space to work with. Plus, when you put your foot down on the twin-turbo six-cylinder setup, does cabin space really matter?

Don’t forget the BMW M4 Convertible

A blue 2023 BMW M4 Convertible with the mountains in the background
BMW M4 Convertible | BMW

Of course, one big difference between the BMW M3 and M4 is the coupe’s convertible option. The open-top M4 is a completely different animal, but that isn’t necessarily a problem. For those who want a BMW M car with an open-top driving experience, the M4 and M8 are two very different, but compelling answers.

Of course, the M4 drop-top lags behind the M3, offers only all-wheel drive, and the Competition package. In that sense, it’s a bit of a confusing combination. Plus, the convertible storage space limits the cargo area to just nine cubic feet. Still, there’s something about an open-top sports car that’s just compelling, and suddenly none of those numbers matter.

How much is the BMW M3 vs M4?

To start, the BMW M3 is $74,100 vs $78,100 for the M4. However, there is little to differentiate the BMW M3 and M4 from a performance standpoint. Those with kids or who plan on road-tripping will probably appreciate the extra space in the four-door M car. And since there are scant performance gains by jumping into the M4, it really is a matter of practicality vs style.

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