An RV Is At The Epicenter of Blast in Nashville

A recreational vehicle is a source of joy for many families. It provides an opportunity to visit the scenic outdoors, but at the same time provide home-like shelter. So, they are made in such a way to make use of every little space. Numerous cabinets, under-bed storage, and under chassis storage are common in most any camper RV. Sadly, according to multiple reports, someone chose one of these vacation vehicles to hide explosives. 

The investigation into the RV blast

A Class C RV parked at a campground
A woman prepares food outside her RV | MyLoupe/UIG Via Getty Images

According to a tweet sent out by Metro Nashville PD, in Nashville, Tennessee, an RV was the source of a terrible explosion. The RV arrived overnight Christmas Eve into Christmas at 1:22 am on 2nd street, in downtown Nashville.

As a person who lived in an RV, albeit briefly, I immediately thought that a gas leak in the kitchen area must have been a cause of the explosion. Unfortunately, though, further details have come out since the event happened. It seems the blast was not accidental. Instead, the RV was used for a much more sinister purpose. 

The investigation is still ongoing. But, details are slowly being revealed to help put the picture together. Things started to unfold around 6 am Christmas morning. According to ABC News,

“Nashville police officers were first called to a report of shots fired, police said. There was no evidence of shots fired, but “there were announcements coming” from an RV saying a potential bomb would detonate within 15 minutes.”

Damage caused by the RV blast

As the police worked to clear the area, the RV exploded. The resulting blast rocked the downtown area. Reports indicate the cars were engulfed in flames, 41 structures around the area were affected with damage ranging from structural to blown windows. Nashville International Airport halted flights for about an hour as the internet and phone service was temporarily unavailable. 

The RV at the epicenter of the Christmas day blast looks to be an older Ford Class C motorhome. There are no defining characteristics except for stripes down the side. So, the vehicle was innocuous enough not to stand out.  

Class C motorhomes are built upon a chassis of an existing van or pickup truck. Generally speaking, Class Cs have a box attached behind and above the driver and passenger position. That box provides the living quarters. Those living quarters often include a kitchen hooked up to a gas bottle under a cabinet somewhere. But, the bottle is not typically visible. It is unknown if the RV at the heart of the investigation in Nashville was loaded with multiple bottles to create the explosion or if other types of explosives were involved. The FBI has taken over the investigation. 

Terrible way to close out the year


RV Living Disasters to Avoid

Many people have turned to the RV industry this year as a way to vacation without having to deal with crowded airports, bus depots, and train stations. Pop-ups, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and motorhomes have all provided a way to be entertained in a socially distanced responsible way, outdoors, while also providing a way to control cleanliness. However, in a year that has seen unprecedented growth and success over manufacturing supply challenges for RVs, this Nashville blast seems to be providing a black eye to the industry just as the world closes out the calendar year. Of course, the industry will bounce back. But, for now, one of the last things people are thinking about as they close out the year is an RV explosion, injuries, and having to rebuild.