An American Hypercar is Here to Take Down Bugatti

We don’t give much thought to American supercars. When it comes down to it, no matter how great the car is, or how much power it produces, for some reason, it just doesn’t hold the same weight of driving an exotic supercar. We’ve seen it before with other American-made supercars like the Ford GT and Dodge Viper. While these are beautiful works of engineering that many collectors love, they just don’t seem to have the massive following that car brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. A new American supercar manufacturer is here to make a name for itself, and it’s doing that in one of the most impressive ways possible.

It’s the SSC Tuatara

You may have never heard of the SSC Tuatara, but it is the latest addition to the world of supercars. The name itself probably doesn’t reveal that it’s an American-built supercar, and you can’t tell by looking at this exotic-looking car. The name SSC might not sound familiar, but its original name is: Shelby Supercars, Inc. Even better, it is totally American.

A black 2020 SSC Tuatara on a road with mountains in the background
2020 SSC Tuatara | SSC North America

Beating the record in the Tuatara

SSC isn’t a well-known name, which means getting their start amongst supercar companies with deeply-rooted heritage and racing experience is hard enough. So, what is the best way to establish yourself as a true competitor in the supercar market? Set out to beat one of the world’s most prestigious records in the world: the fastest car. It is the record almost every other supercar and hypercar manufacturer sets out to beat.

The SSC Tuarata is the world's fastest production car.
SSC Tuatara | SSC North America

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The world’s fastest car

The world’s current record for the fastest car is held by the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport which reportedly goes as fast as 304mph. At the beginning of October, however, the SSC Tuatara attempted to break the record, claiming a top speed of 331mph, though many reports have been made claiming that this record top speed was not accurate. Whether the reports are correct or not, it definitely has people talking. More tests will need to be completed to establish this car’s true top speed.

The SSC Tuarata is the world's fastest production car.
SSC Tuatara | SSC North America

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Many more tests will need to be done to establish the SSC Tuatara as the world’s fastest car, but if one thing is clear, the team at SSC is gunning for a high top speed. Whether they have beat the record or not, they are aiming to take down Bugatti’s spot at the top.