The Lamborghini Miura Is A Rare Sight

It isn’t very often that people find themselves complaining about getting to see a Lamborghini, no matter how common they are in your area. There is just something striking up the design, the sound, and the overall presence that Lamborghini has to offer that makes it stand out, but some of the cars are becoming more common than not. The Lamborghini Miura, however, is a rare sight.

The Lamborghini Miura set the stage for what we’ve come to expect from many modern-day supercars. In production from 1966 to 1973, the Miura was the first supercar to have a mid-engine layout with only two seats. This supercar was very well received by Lamborghini lovers and race fans who had loved the racecar design and layout of Ferrari before the Miura’s conception. Popular as it was, the Miura was actually designed as a secret project, not just a secret from the eyes of the public but a secret from the owner of Lamborghini himself.

Lamborghini Miura At Concours D'Elegance
Lamborghini Miura | Displayed at the Concours d’Elegance

The rare Miura

This rare supercar was introduced to the public at the 1966 Geneva Motorshow in and took the stage alongside other spectacular car debuts including the Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2. In it’s few years of production, there were only 764 of the car ever made, and after many have fallen victim to accidents or neglect, there are far fewer on the road today. The Miura has become a collector’s car and taking inflation into account, this supercar that could originally be purchased for a modern-day $150,000 is now being sold for as much as $500,000 at auction and private sale.

There were several versions of the Miura available over the production years. They did share many things, including the engine which was a V12 consistently throughout the years, mounted in the middle of the car behind the driver and passenger seats. The first model, produced in 1966 and referenced as a P400, offered 345hp, while the last and rarest model, the P400SV made up to 380hp.

lamborghini miura
Lamborghini Miura

Odd yet stunning

The appearance of the Lamborghini Miura is odd enough to be attractive. It has a unique design that was well-received that has aged well through the decades. It’s smooth racecar body lines and long front end gives it both a classic and somehow ageless appearance.

The front fascia of the car is iconic, with circular headlights surrounded by what most people reference as ‘eyelashes’. That wasn’t the only noticeable feature of the front end either, as the black grille stretches wide across the front to pair with the two black vents that sit very noticeably upon the hood.

If you haven’t seen a Miura in person, you will uncountable be able to recognize it’s iconic styling and that V12 engine sound Lamborghini has become famous for. With only several hundred of this stunning supercar left in existence, and even fewer regularly driven on the road, you aren’t likely to see them outside of car shows or casual Sunday drives.