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Can you hear the ANTM theme song in your head? No? Just me? Ford has a strong lineup of cars, trucks, and SUVs everyone wants to drive. Even though things have been a little rocky in the automotive industry post-pandemic, Ford SUVs are not slowing down. Some of the most popular options currently available are the Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport, and the Explorer. With only a few months left in the year, which sport utility vehicle will be the biggest seller?

Does Ford make good SUVs?

Popular Ford SUVs like this Bronco are selling fast
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

The lineup of Ford SUVs has many good options, such as the Bronco, Explorer, and the newest Mustang Mach-E. Ford recently reported a 7.7% sales gain for quarter three of 2023, selling 1,508,072 total and 500,504 in Q3 alone. But that isn’t all Ford has to offer, with many other SUVs available that don’t have the same name recognition. The Edge, Explorer, and Expedition are all moving big numbers so far this year.

Ford SUVsQ3 Sales2023 YTD2022 YTD
Bronco Sport33,23296,37579,976
Mustang Mach-E14,84228,88228,089
Popular Ford SUV sales numbers

In Q3, the Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport, and Explorer were the biggest sellers. Both the Bronco and the Bronco Sport have various trim levels and ways to customize each SUV, which could contribute to the bigger sales numbers. However, the Ford Escape and Explorer are quickly catching up to last year’s numbers.

What SUVs does Ford have?

Popular Ford SUVs like this Explorer are selling fast
2023 Ford Explorer ST-Line | Ford

Ford currently has seven SUVs on the market, eight if you count the EcoSport that has recently been discontinued. Even though Ford SUVs remain popular, the Ford F-Series was a big help in the automaker’s success this year. Ford reports a 9.2% overall gain from 2022, with 573,370 Ford truck sales so far this year. Even though the brand’s SUVs are having a good run, the total picture shows how well Ford is doing.

Ford F-Series trucks saw a 13.4% rise in Q3 with sales, with 190,477 units moved this quarter. The second-place seller is the Chevrolet Silverado, which sold 169,949 trucks. Shoppers seem to be buying trucks on every corner, but there are still plenty of SUVs.

Ford says that sport utility vehicle sales were up 23.8% or 66,120 units sold combined between the Bronco and the Bronco Sport. Even if SUVs are not Ford’s bread and butter right now, having such a diversified lineup has helped round things out for the brand.

Besides some of the Ford SUVs discussed prior, some of the best-selling SUVs of this year so far are the Toyota RAV4, the Tesla Model Y, and the Honda CR-V. According to GoodCarBadCar sales data, Toyota has sold 302,831 units this year. That is up 12.10% over last year but doesn’t come close to the volume change for Tesla.

The Tesla Model Y has moved 284,498 units this year, an increase of 75.62% over last year’s numbers. That is quite the volume change, but it is also a testament to what the automaker is doing. As one of the first electric SUVs, Tesla has been ramping up production and product availability to meet demand.

The Ford Explorer SUV is in the top 10 of all SUVs selling well this year, but it will be interesting to see how the last few months of the year pan out.


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