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Although the race to have a fully autonomous car go to market is still ongoing, many automakers are getting close. No, your car won’t be able to take you to the market while you kick back and read a book, but some cars can be driven hands-free under certain circumstances. Ford’s BlueCruise is a prime example.

The hands-free cruise control system is making its way into various models in the Ford lineup and now to its luxury line, Lincoln. But do all of the Lincoln SUVs come with BlueCruise?

Which Lincoln SUVs come with BlueCruise?

The Lincoln SUV lineup
Lincoln SUV lineup | Ford

Although the BlueCruise feature is expanding, not every Lincoln model comes with it. For the 2024 model year, all Lincoln Navigator and Nautilus trim levels will be equipped with the hardware. However, only some of the Lincoln Corsair trims will come with it. Interestingly, the seven-seat Aviator will not be equipped with the safety feature.

Keep in mind that the BlueCruise feature is subscription-based. According to Lincoln, “Based on the vehicle, Navigator and Nautilus customers will receive either four years of BlueCruise access included at purchase or a 90-day complimentary trial with the option to choose an annual plan for $800 or a monthly plan for $75 and activate it at any point during the vehicle ownership.”

What is Ford’s BlueCruise?

A 2023 Lincoln Navigator drives down the road.
2023 Lincoln Navigator | Ford

Ford’s BlueCruise is a hands-free highway driving technology that takes driver-assist a step further. The BlueCruise hardware allows the driver to operate the car on the highway while taking their hands completely off the wheel.

The system utilizes the onboard driver-assist systems, including adaptive cruise control and lane-assist, to keep the car on the road and between the lines. The system can change lanes automatically by clicking the turn signal and monitor the driver’s awareness via an in-cabin camera.

The interesting part of the system is that it’s only available to use in certain hands-free blue zones on highways across America. These are controlled-access highways that allow drivers to operate a car sans hands. When the car is driven out of the zone, the system disengages and the driver must put their hands back on the wheel.

The future of BlueCruise

A front interior view of the 2023 Lincoln Navigator
2023 Lincoln Navigator | Ford

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The Lincoln models listed above currently use the BlueCruise 1.2 version of the hardware and software. However, a new BlueCruise 1.3 update should be coming soon to various Ford and Lincoln models.

Ford recently announced that BlueCruise 1.3 will arrive in the 2021 to 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicles and then roll out. The upgraded system improved performance when driving around corners and stayed engaged five times longer than the BlueCruise 1.0 system.

The race to make cars fully autonomous may still be ongoing, but with technology like BlueCruise, it’s safe to say that automakers are getting close.