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Starting with the Tonale compact crossover in 2022, Alfa Romeo will release a brand-new model yearly until 2026. First reported by Reuters, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato confirmed there will be new models every year until 2026. Following that, all new vehicles will be electric. By 2027, the brand’s entire lineup will be completely EVs, which puts it a bit ahead of some other automakers. Others have mentioned going completely electric by the same year, or even as late as 2030, or 2035 in some cases. The final year of full gas-powered Alfa Romeo vehicles is only a few years away, so where do these new models start?

A new model every year

A red Alfa Romeo Tonale concept model displayed at the Paris Festival Automobile International with concept cars and automotive design exhibition.
Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept | (Photo by Daniel Pier/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The newest model, the Tonale compact crossover, is set to begin production by the end of 2021. It’ll then be presented in March of 2022, followed by sales beginning in June exclusively in Italy. The Tonale is smaller than the current offering Stelvio and will share a platform with the Jeep Compass. Imparato claims the reasoning behind the delayed Tonale release is that the plug-in hybrid powertrain is not sporty enough. Though more details aren’t available, the Tonale is likely to have a PHEV and standard version, and maybe even a regular hybrid version in the future.

A new Alfa Romeo every year until 2026? What other models could the automaker be planning? We’re not entirely sure, but since the Tonale is sharing a platform with the Jeep Compass, we can take a guess. There are plenty of options under the Stellantis umbrella of automakers. What would likely be the easiest is other models that are also built in Italy. Besides the Compass, Jeep also has its Renegade model built in Italy. The compass shares a modified platform with the Renegade as well, so is there potential for an Alfa Romeo model with another modified Renegade platform? We’ll have to wait and see, but that’s only a guess at one of the four additional models coming out.

Is Alfa Romeo going electric?

A red Alfa Romeo TonaleA red Alfa Romeo Tonale concept model displayed at the Paris Festival Automobile International with concept cars and automotive design exhibition.
Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept | (Photo by Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Alfa Romeo Commits to More Motorsports, Not Much Else

Starting after the final new model’s release in 2026, Alfa Romeo will have a completely electric lineup. Seeing as the CEO delayed production of a plug-in hybrid due to poor performance, we can guess these electric vehicles will need to be high quality. Recently quoted saying “an iPad with a car around it” we can also assume these vehicles will not be filled with technology. The Italian automaker focuses on quality, performance, and a luxurious feel. It lacks in the areas of comfortability, safety, and other technologies other automakers use.

The only current models available in the United States are the Giulia and Stelvio. Could these two models become EVs in 2027? Alfa Romeo’s releases over the next few years will likely be unique models, and will all be electric, or PHEV/hybrid. Though the current lineup does not feature any of these, transitioning into fully electric needs to begin now. If Alfa Romeo wants to be there by 2027, it better get the wheels turning on its first fully electric vehicle. A high-performance Giulia EV would be perfect for Alfa Romeo. Competing against other performance EVs like the Tesla Model S Plaid would be exciting for automakers and consumers alike.

According to Reuters, Alfa Romeo begins its yearly releases with the Tonale in 2022. What will follow is unknown, but by the year 2027, the brand will be completely electric. It’ll also have a couple of brand new models. We expect to hear more about the 2023 new model release sometime after the official announcement of the Tonale this Spring. Until then, we can only speculate about what Imparato and Alfa Romeo have up their sleeves.