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Besides attractive styling, there’s seemingly nothing that sets the Acura RDX apart from other SUVs at first glance. Even so, given its rise in popularity, you might not even see it at all the next time you’re out car shopping. Why are buyers gravitating toward the Acura RDX this year?

How many people have purchased an Acura RDX in 2023?

Approximately 3,982 RDX units were sold last month, which is an impressive monthly year-to-date increase of over 102%. Its YTD popularity compared to 2022 is up by 29% with just under 23,000 units sold so far. With the expectation of outliers from the likes of Lexus and BMW, the RDX is doing better than most of its luxury rivals.

August was also the third month in a row this year where the Acura RDX managed to sell over 3,000 units. Throughout the first quarter, it consistently sold over 2,000 units (or extremely close to that) each month. 

Here’s what we like about the 2023 Acura RDX

The Acura RDX got a little bit of a makeover for the 2022 model year, so it’s even more attractive to both Acura fans and new buyers. The exterior is sportier and wireless smartphone support was added to this SUV’s docket of standard features. As of the 2023 model year, the RDX’s warranty includes free maintenance coverage for two years/24,000 miles. 

Each RDX trim has a 272-hp four-cylinder under its hood and a ten-speed automatic transmission. The top-tier Advance trims include standard Super-Handling all-wheel drive, but that feature can also be added to any of the cheaper models. 

This optimized system uses active torque vectoring to provide faster handling responses, resulting in more satisfying traction and performance. Acura even promotes SH-AWD as an equivalent to having a limited rear-slip differential. If that’s not enough for you, an adaptive suspension is also standard on both Advance models. 

Alongside its exciting performance potential, the RDX serves its purpose as an upscale transportation vehicle for families. You can fit about 30 cu-ft worth of cargo behind the rear seats, which offer 38 in of legroom when they’re upright. The seats can be upholstered with soft Milano leather in the higher trims. Those cabins in those RDX models also feature open-pore wood accents, and each trim has a panoramic moonroof.

The standard infotainment display measures 10.2-in and features sharp graphics, though you’ll have to operate it with a touchpad controller. With the Technology package, you get access to navigation and a premium ELS audio system. LED ambient interior lighting is also included, all for only $44,400.

Even if you stick with the base model, you’ll get a great suite of advanced safety features. Bundled together with the baseline collision-preventative functions are blind-spot monitors with rear cross-traffic alert and adaptive cruise control. 

What about the rest of the Acura lineup?


5 Best Used Acura RDX Model Years Under $25,000 in 2023

As impressive as the Acura RDX’s growth is, that model isn’t even the automaker’s most popular vehicle right now. That distinction belongs to the Acura MDX, which has sold 40,533 units for 2023. The Acura MDX hit its peak popularity in March of this year, during which it moved 6,076 units. 

GoodCarBadCar also highlights that the Acura TLX’s YTD popularity has jumped by about 44%. Despite being overshadowed by its SUV siblings, it has still attracted more than 12,000 buyers this year. Like the Acura RDX, the TLX also has 272 hp on tap and a relatively affordable starting price compared to other luxury models. 

The RDX has struck a nice balance of athleticism and practicality. Given that Acura dealers can barely hold on to these SUVs, their good qualities definitely aren’t lost on buyers.