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Accessorizing your car is one of the most fun parts of owning a vehicle (or leasing it, as long as you use removable accessories). You can shop for accessories that make your drive more comfortable, more convenient, and more personalized to you. We feature eight of the best interior car accessories available in 2022. Be sure also to check out the best car organizer and storage accessories after you’re done picking up a few of these handy gadgets.

8. Clean-smelling car air freshener

Set of four Febreze car air freshener clips, one of the best interior car accessories
Febreze car air fresheners | Febreze

This one technically isn’t on Family Handyman’s featured list, but I’m adding it as a little MotorBiscuit freebie. I own three dogs, spend a lot of time outdoors, and ride horses. As you can imagine, my trusty Subaru Outback gets gross. And while I make sure to do a thorough detailing every few weeks, there’s still odor in the car sometimes. I personally use the Febreze car air fresheners that clip right to the air vents. Dog smell, begone! Be sure to use a clean scent that won’t bother your passengers.

7. USB car charger with a flush fit

Many of today’s modern cars offer numerous USB chargers built-in alongside the typical 12V charger. But, if you need additional hook-ups, a flush-fit car charger like this could be a big help. This is one of the best interior car accessories for drivers who often travel with friends and need multiple devices connected at the same time.

6. Drop Stop patented gap filler for car seats

Set of two Drop Stop car seat gap fillers, patented interior car accessories
Drop Stop – The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler | Drop Stop

Shopping for interior car accessories online can be tricky if you don’t know what fits your specific make and model. Fortunately, many companies offer modern accessories for cars in a standard size that should fit most vehicles. The Drop Stop car seat gap filler claims to fit most cars and tucks easily into the gap between seats to prevent items from falling through.

5. Magnetic phone mount for Android and iPhone devices

Don’t have Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, or built-in GPS? No problem. This simple and cheap phone mount car accessory installs in seconds and gives drivers a safer way to view their phone screen while driving. Magnets, small enough not to damage any of the interior circuits, hold your phone in place without leaving residue. Just attach the phone, and you’re good to go.

4. Gel seat cushion for super comfort on long rides

Black gel seat cushion, one of the best interior car accessories, on a blue fabric car seat
Type S Infused Gel Comfort Seat Cushion | Type S

This car accessory is purely to luxuriate in comfort, but I believe that you’re worth it. Gel comfort seat cushions are relatively inexpensive and use a combination of memory foam and other materials to offer a supportive feel. If you spend a lot of time in your car, this is one of the best accessories to consider. The only downside is that a seat cushion may get in the way of your heated seats.

3. Car window shades to block light and reduce cabin temperature

See-through window shades have a lot of uses. You can opt for car shades with suction cups or pop-in car shades that are easy to install and remove whenever you need to. Some cars offer fancier retractable car window shades, but those accessories will cost you more. Car sun shades can help block harsh sunlight if you’re driving with little ones. They can also keep your cabin cooler in hot and sunny weather. 

2. Tile Mate keychain Bluetooth tracker device for keys

Black Tile bluetooth tracked clipped onto keychain. A Tile Mate is one of the best interior car accessories.
Black Tile Mate bluetooth tracker for keys | Tile

Have you ever lost your keys? This is one of the most essential car accessories for keys. Pick up a few Tiles for all of your different keychains. The simple, easy Bluetooth functionality makes it easy to find car keys lost in the house, garage, or nearby. If you really lose your keys, there’s functionality for that, too. You could also consider Apple’s AirTag Bluetooth trackers

1. Roadside emergency kit for cars

If you don’t buy any other interior car accessories on this list, please let this be the one that you do. Having a roadside emergency kit in your car can literally be a life-saver. At a minimum, make sure to keep jumper cables, thick gloves, tire repair/replacement tools, and a small shovel in your car. Remember that what’s in your roadside emergency kit will be different than what’s in your emergency car tool kit—and we recommend that you have both.


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