$70,000 Sure Seems Like a Lot of Money for the Loki Basecamp Icarus Camper

$70,000 is a lot to spend on camping. Granted, I’m coming to you from the perspective of a young person just starting their career. However, $70,000 goes a very, very long way. We’re talking about two brand-new Toyota GR86 sports cars. Or a down payment on a home. Hell, you can have your pick on just about any life-changing purchase for $70k. I went to college for under $70,000. Moreover, I camp, and I’d estimate my entire camping setup, stoves, tent, chairs, the lot, cost under $1,000. So, the question is, can the Loki Basecamp Icarus justify that big ol’ price tag?

The Loki Basecamp Icarus gives you it all for the money

The rear of the Icarus camper, with a tire mounted on the back and orange railing covering the exterior
Off-road equipment must be mounted outside for maximum cool-guy points | Loki Basecamp

To be fair, this is clearly Loki Basecamp’s world. I mean, they sell water bottles for (sit down for this one) $72.00. I’m not Basecamp’s target audience here. Their website looks like something you’d see on the side of a building in a trendy-yet-shockingly-expensive part of Seattle. Well, that’s all of Seattle but you get my point. So, let’s talk about what this trendy camper gets you. First off, things are focused heavily on off-grid reliability.

Loki Basecamp says that the Icarus is designed to keep you off-grid as comfortably as possible. There’s an available 300W solar power system, as well as an “up to” 600 ah battery bank, per Loki Basecamp. Oh, there’s also a 2000 W inverter and charger. So, clearly enough to keep you plugged while you’re switching off. Thankfully, like the Ford Bronco, there’s also a lot of thought that’s put into the usability of this thing.

Cheaper ways to camp? Yes. Cooler? Maybe not.

The front of the Icarus camper, mounted on a Ford F-series truck, with roof rack and lightbar
Maybe you get a matching truck for your $70k? | Loki Basecamp

There are all sorts of roof rails and bars, including a spare tire rack, to keep your stuff secure and you on the road. Additionally, you can roll out the retractable canopy for some shade outdoors. Of course, all that sounds great, but it’s not so great if you’re always uncomfortable while using it. In light of that, Basecamp has included a shower/”mudroom” (to use their marketing lingo) for your $70,000. You’ll also have access to plenty of charging points, storage, and a drinking and grey water tank.

However, like the Ford Bronco, there’s also parts built by supplier Webasto on the Loki Basecamp Icarus. More specifically, the heater. You’ll likely remember that Webasto is currently the cause for the most recent round of delays in the Bronco, brought on by hardtop quality issues. Thankfully, it’s just the heater and not the roof that Webasto is making.

Perhaps we’ve lost the plot

The stars over a campfire in Crested Butte, Colorado
The point is, get out there money or no money | RJ Sangosti via Getty Images

This Overland Camper Is Clearly Apocalypse Ready

Webasto quality aside, the Loki Basecamp Icarus looks to be a very competitive camper. However, it is still $70,000 for a camper that doesn’t exist yet and a $5,000 deposit. Frankly, I’m a little more cautious after the whole Cybertruck debacle. Perhaps it’s best to wait for a few reviews before I go out and spend 70,000 of my nonexistent dollars on a camper for my nonexistent truck.