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If you’ve ever owned a Nissan model, you’ll likely know first-hand just how reliable these vehicles tend to be. And if you’re shopping around for a new or used vehicle, you’ll want to look at the cost of ownership, reports of common repairs, and average maintenance costs before making your final decision Some Nissan models will cost more to maintain than others. 

So, if on your search for vehicles, you come across any of these Nissan models, you’re in luck on both fronts. Not only will you have a reliable model, but you’ll also have low maintenance costs. Here are seven Nissan models with maintenance costs under $400.

A Nissan logo on a red car.
Nissan logo | Nissan Motor Corporation

1. Nissan 200SX

Overall, Nissan earns an above-average reliability rating. Reinforcing what Nissan enthusiasts might already know, RepairPal gives Nissan vehicles four out of five in reliability. And the first Nissan model on this under-$400 to maintain list is the Nissan 200SX, according to RepairPal data.

In addition to reliability and affordability, there aren’t many report repair issues to cite, either. Although, some owners did report timing chain noises and failures. Completing a thorough vehicle history will help you identify if the 200SX you’re looking at has been repaired.

2. Nissan 240SX

The overall average cost to repair and maintain a Nissan 240SX is also affordable, coming in at $396 annually. RepairPal outlines a few common issues, too, including starter relay failure that leads to the engine not cranking. And the most frequent reports cite problems with check valve clearance.

Again, each vehicle’s unique history might dictate otherwise. But the 240SX should be an affordable and reliable ride.

3. Nissan Axxess

If you come across a Nissan Axxess for sale, snatch it up! RepairPal says it will only set you back about $326 every year in repairs and maintenance. And there are a few commonly reported problems to mention. However, you may experience misfires in the idle due to an intake manifold gasket problem.

4. Nissan D21

Remember the Nissan D21? This little pickup might be just as affordable to own today as it was back then. RepairPal estimates the average repair cost will only be around $357. And of the potential problems, the most expensive might be the air conditioning receiver drier assembly or the drive belt idler pulley replacement.

Ask questions before you make your final decision, and consider having the D21 professionally inspected by a trusted mechanic..

5. Nissan NX

If you’re looking for a low repair cost on a Nissan model, you should try to find a Nissan NX. RepairPal suggests the average annual expense to keep one running is $357. And the most common reports of repairs needed include a failing mass airflow sensor and timing change noise that might require replacement.

6. Nissan Pickup

Find yourself a Nissan Pickup and only pay about $364 every year in repairs and maintenance. RepairPal data points to two more prominent mechanical concerns. The exhaust manifold can warp over time and cause the studs to break off entirely. Also, watch for timing chain failures at higher mileage.

7. Nissan Stanza

Another wildly popular Nissan model in its prime is the Stanza. And as an added incentive to own one, RepairPal says it’s only going to cost around $395 per year in repairs and maintenance. The Stanza only had one problem reported with any considerable frequency. The exhaust gas recirculation, or EGR, can become clogged over time, resulting in a poorly running engine and subpar fuel economy.

So, if you come across any of these Nissan models for sale with a relatively clean ownership history, it’s potentially a great choice. Keeping these vehicles on the road will be affordable and under $400 per year.


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