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Cheap and luxury don’t often go hand in hand. We expect high prices for upscale features, top-of-the-line names, and superior comfort. These six cheap luxury cars allow you to forget all that. If you want to add a bit of sophistication to your life, these affordable luxury cars could be your ticket to a better drive.

2023 BMW 2 Series

2023 BMW 2 Series Posed in Front of a Mansion
2023 BMW 2 Series | BMW

The 2023 BMW 2 Series is one of the cheapest luxury cars in the market, but it doesn’t skimp on your driving experience. You’ll generally find luxury cars offering performance or comfort, but not both. The BMW 2 Series delivers the athletic drive you want while providing a smooth ride making it a comfortable and fun car to drive. The sharp handling, peppy engine, and pure BMW comfort make this one of the best cheap luxury cars you can drive.

Starting MSRP: $38,795

2023 Genesis G70

2023 Genesis G70 Parked Near a Wilderness Setting
2023 Genesis G70 | Genesis

Among the most affordable luxury cars, the Genesis G70 brings the most equipment. This is truly the value player in the market, offering safety and tech features in the base trim that you don’t find in other models without climbing the trim ladder. The G70 is a complete car with satisfying ride comfort and an agile handling mix. The twin-turbocharged V6 engine rockets off the line to make it easy for the G70 to keep up with the likes of a BMW 3 Series, but at a much lower price.

Starting MSRP: $40,525

2023 Lexus IS

2023 Lexus IS Driving on a Country Road
2023 Lexus IS | Lexus

Enjoy high levels of comfort and sophistication in the Lexus IS. You’ll forget the IS is among the cheap luxury cars when you take it for a drive. The cabin is gorgeously adorned with impressive materials, excellent style, and the right tech features to keep you connected and happy on the road. You can’t go wrong with a Lexus; the IS is the most affordable car in the lineup.

Starting MSRP: $40,985

2023 Acura TLX

2023 Acura TLX Type S on a Track
2023 Acura TLX Type S | Acura

The sleek driving style of the Acura TLX makes this one of the sharpest and most attractive cars on this list. Acura provides comfortable seats and plenty of sporty features to make the TLX fun to drive while offering it as an affordable luxury car. You can have sophistication at a great price when the TLX is on your shortlist.

Starting MSRP: $39,850

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLA

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLA with a Mountain Sunset Landscape
2023 Mercedes-Benz CLA | Mercedes-Benz

It seems a conflict to call a Mercedes-Benz a cheap luxury car, but the CLA comes at such an affordable price it’s hard not to include it on our list. The CLA is a stunning car with elegant lines, impeccable style, and advanced technology. The base model is affordable and easy to drive, but if you’re looking for more power, an AMG variant is available to satisfy your appetite.

Starting MSRP: $40,500

2023 Audi A3

2023 Audi A3 in a Country Setting
2023 Audi A3 | Audi

Are you looking for elegant styling mixed with advanced technology? If so, you’ve found it in the Audi A3. This car delivers impressive driving manners, one of the most impressive cabin areas in the market, and the smooth lines that are never overdone. This cheap luxury car can get you used to the finer things in life.

Starting MSRP: $36,495


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