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Sports cars are supposed to be fun and thrilling to drive. In most cases, these cars show imagination, a drive for excellence, and unmatched performance. Unfortunately, some of the worst sports cars were nothing more than a swing and a miss by respective automakers. Let’s look at five sports cars we could have done without.

DeLorean DMC-12 posed with the gullwing doors open.
DeLorean DMC-12 | Wiki Commons

DeLorean DMC-12

If it weren’t for the Back to the Future movie franchise, the DeLorean DMC-12 wouldn’t have reached anything close to popularity. This sports car isn’t nearly as cool as the time machine from the movie, plodding along with a sluggish and unpredictable powertrain. If your idea of fun was 130 horsepower from a V6, this was the car for you, but mostly, it was a terrible experiment by John DeLorean.

Yellow Saturn Sky posed on a lawn.
Saturn Sky | Wiki Commons

Saturn Sky

The Saturn brand was around only slightly longer than DeLorean. GM created the Saturn Sky to boost sales and bring attention to the fledgling brand, but it failed. This was one of the worst sports cars ever made and was bad enough to be part of why Saturn was ultimately shut down. The compact two-seater sports car only produced 180 horsepower in the base model. The more powerful version hit 300 ponies, but that wasn’t enough to boost sales or make Saturn a household name.

2002 Ford Thunderbird, this was one of the worst sports cars ever made.
2002 Ford Thunderbird | Ford

2002 Ford Thunderbird

Not to be confused with the original Ford Thunderbird of the 1950s, this remake didn’t do the original model justice. This eleventh-generation Thunderbird lasted only three years and should have been a hit, but it wasn’t. The only V8 offered was underwhelming and the styling was a little too cartoonish for most buyers. This model led to the end of the Thunderbird name.

A Yellow Porsche 914 posed on a driveway.
Porsche 914 | Porsche

Porsche 914

The Porsche 914 was one of the worst sports cars to ever hit the streets. The idea was sound: create an entry-level, budget-friendly Porsche for the masses. The 914 went on sale in 1969 and gone from the market only seven years later. The exterior looked the part, and the Targa roof was a welcome addition, but this sports car barely hit 100 horsepower. That makes it an unappealing disaster in terms of power and acceleration.

Red Pontiac Fiero, posed. This was one of the most dangerous and worst sports cars ever made.
Pontiac Fiero | Wiki Commons

Pontiac Fiero

The darling of the 1980s was also a terrible sports car. The Pontiac Fiero arrived in 1984 and lasted only five years. Some features were industry firsts, like the headrest integrated speakers, but that wasn’t enough for this sports car. This little Pontiac had serious reliability problems and underwhelming performance. It became known as an unsafe car after a wave of explosions. This led to the end of one of the worst sports cars ever made.