DMC DeLorean falcon door sports car models parked at a Los Angeles, California screening of "Framing John DeLorean"
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The DMC DeLorean (also sometimes referred to as the DMC-12) was a coupe sports car model produced and sold by the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC). The DeLorean is well-known for its starring feature in the Back to the Future films, its iconic build with gull-wing doors and a stainless steel body, and its turbulent and short-lived production history.

Built as the first, flagship, and eventually only model from DMC, the DeLorean was first introduced as a prototype, appearing in 1976 and expected to cost $12,000 upon release (hence the DMC-12 name). However, when the 1981 DMC DeLorean production model was released, it was priced around $25,000, more than double the originally expected price.

Initially very popular with the car shoppers, the sales of DMC DeLorean diminished quickly due to a recession, its price (which further increased with each model year), and its less-than-stellar reviews regarding performance, reliability, and safety. This led the company into bankruptcy, dooming the DeLorean and plans for future DMC vehicles. However, the DeLorean name lives on as an icon of the automotive market, and there have been rumored plans to create limited production runs of brand-new DeLorean models.

About DMC

  • 1983 DMC DeLorean (Starting MSRP $34,000)
  • Pros: The DMC DeLorean gullwing-door coupe sports car is an iconic automotive industry model. It’s a valuable and rare find on the road that’s an immediate attention grabber. Additionally, the DeLorean is still fun to drive all these years later.
  • Cons: Due to its rarity, a DeLorean model is difficult to find and very expensive. Additionally, its rarity of auto parts makes it costly to fix, and its antique build is less safe than modern cars.
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