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It doesn’t matter if you have a Honda Civic or a Tesla; there are many ways to modify a car nowadays. However, it seems as though many enthusiasts still spend all kinds of time and money sticking useless parts on their cars for the sake of customizing them. Of course, we can’t judge – to each their own. But in case you’re considering throwing some modifications on your car, here are five useless ones that could be better to avoid.

1. Undercarriage lighting

LED under glow lights
LED under glow lights | Getty Images

Have you seen those pretty multi-colored LED lights underneath the Honda Accord or Mazda3 sitting next to you at the light? Sure, they look cool, but they’re illegal in most states and distract other drivers. Some enthusiasts call it “under glow,” but no matter what you call it, these lights do nothing for your car. If anything, they attract the wrong type of attention from the law and any potential thieves.

2. Spinner hubcaps

A hubcap shop owner talks to a customer.
Hubcap shop | Getty Images

Spinner hubcaps were popular 10 years ago but are still around today. As the name implies, spinner hubcaps are caps that you place onto a car’s steel wheels, and they spin independently when the car stops. They’re ugly, distracting, and a complete waste of money. Additionally, How Stuff Works reports that spinner hubcaps are banned in several U.S. states as they are considered a safety hazard. Yet, people still buy them.

3. Body kits

Four modified cars with body kits
Four modified cars with body kits | Getty Images

Some body kits do serve a purpose. For example, if you plan to race your car and need to cut its weight or want more downforce, a properly designed and applied body kit can help. However, if you just want to make your old Ford Focus look cool, throwing a body kit on it is pointless. Sure, we understand that you might like it and think that it makes your car look better, but it probably doesn’t. If anything, most body kits that exist will make your car heavier and look terrible.

4. Fake engine sounds

Would you believe that it’s possible to add fake engine noises to a car? It is, and it’s completely useless. For a good amount of money, enthusiasts can add a set of speakers under the hood of the car to make it sound like it has a beefier engine note. We understand that some people may do it for the novelty of it, but it’s still pointless and needs to stop.

5. Giant wings and spoilers

A modified car with a spoiler
A modified car with a spoiler | Getty Images

Just like the pointless body kits that some people add to their cars, they also add big, gaudy wings and spoilers that do nothing but add weight. These shopping-cart-style spoilers used to be popular back in the day, but now, they’re just an eyesore. Again, some large wings are functional and add downforce at high speeds. But let’s face it; you’re not going anywhere near the speeds where a big spoiler would be effective, so why fake it? Don’t waste your time or money by ruining the look of your car.

These five modifications aren’t worth it

We are fully aware that car enthusiasts are perfectly entitled to modify their cars any way they want to. However, not every modification is worth the money or effort – especially these five. Save your money and use it for gas and car insurance instead; you’ll be happy you did later on.