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So you’ve decided to put the car away for winter vacation and buy plane tickets instead. Well, flying post-COVID with millions of your closest cohorts isn’t without its challenges. Still, if you fly smart and board your airplane with patience your adventure could be far less dramatic than your more complaint-prone friends would have you believe. Check out a few of our travel tips to conquer your winter wanderings.

Observe these five travel tips to handle your winter vacation without drama 

A commercial airplane takes off with passengers adhering to travel tips for their winter vacations.
A commercial airplane takes off | Murat4art via iStock

Travelers can game the game regarding winter vacation ventures by minding these five travel tips.

  • Fly non-stop when possible
  • Give yourself extra time
  • Choose your connecting flights with the weather in mind
  • Check-in 24 hours ahead
  • Be patient

Flying is stressful, and any extra maneuvers can add problems like lost luggage and missed connections. One of the best tactics travelers can observe is flying non-stop with more than enough time to check bags, clear security, and reach gates. However, if a connecting flight is inevitable, booking plenty of time between flights can cover unforeseen hindrances like on-tarmac delays. 

Contrary to popular belief, planning your travel through northern airports could be more effective than scheduling flights through southern locations. During El Niño patterns, inclement weather like snow and ice can shift south, per Almanac. Unfortunately, the tricky weather can lead to cancelations and stranded travelers. As a result, travel tips suggest planning your flights with the weather in mind, including El Niño allowances. 

Most airlines allow you to check-in up to 24 hours in advance. Checking in with plenty of time could mean better seats and boarding in a higher group number. Still, the most important travel tip to remember when tackling your winter vacation is patience. Delays happen, and tempers run high in high-volume travel situations. Remain to be patient and that your destination is on the other side of your flight. 

Of course, we could recommend traveling with the largest possible carry-on bag possible to “hack” things. But we won’t. Don’t be that person. 


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