A 2020 Subaru Forester drives through the snow.
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Which Subaru Model Is the Best in the Snow?

Driving in snow can be brutal depending on how inclement the weather is, but if you have the right car for the job, then it’s not that bad. That’s essentially what Subaru cars and SUVs are for, to get you through almost any type of terrain or winter weather you can throw them in. However, …

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Are Snow Cables Better Than Tire Chains?

Driving during the wintertime can be a treacherous and stressful affair if your car is not adequately prepared for it. And while you can spend a decent amount of money buying a separate set of winter tires for your car, a more cost-effective method would be to buy a set of tire chains or cables …

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How Do You Protect Your Car From Hail Damage?

Hail can occur at the most unexpected times of the year and it can be extremely damaging to your car. One five-minute hail storm can easily lead to thousands of dollars in repair work leaving you feeling frustrated and almost helpless as desperately try to prepare your car for the next one. In case you …

A red 2021 GMC Yukon XL Denali in the snow
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Now Is the Time to Buy Your Winter Tires

Buying tires is no small investment. It’s going to cost at least a few hundred dollars to get a new set all around. Spending the money on winter tires and swapping them out for the season can increase the longevity of your regular rubber. Winter tires also add extra security and grip when you’re driving …

a brand new premium tire
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Saving Money on Cheap Snow Tires Could Cost You

Snow tires are a game-changer if you live in a place where it snows a lot. But another set of four tires isn’t a small expense. However, snow tires aren’t all created equal. Probably having any snow tires is better than not. Still, it turns out that saving money on snow tires could cost you. …

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How to Protect Your Car From Snow Damage

It might be Springtime already, but some parts of the U.S. are still getting hit with snow. Unfortunately, snow tends to do a lot of damage to your car’s paint and other parts. And while most people in snow states know how to deal with it, we thought it would still be a good time …

Arctic Trucks Ford F-150 AT44
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This Norwegian Ford F-150 is Built Arctic Tough

Ice-racing Bentley Continental GTs aside, not every vehicle can conquer the Arctic’s icy chill. Usually, you’d think a specialty vehicle like the Sherp ATV or Rokon Trail-Breaker, or a truck equipped with tank treads would be required. However, as Car and Driver showed by off-roading in the Arctic Circle with a Lamborghini Urus, many modern …

2018 Ford F-150 Raptor in the snow
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Are Snow Tires Really Worth It?

There is a vast community of Americans who’ve adapted to long, cold winters. Northerners know that, even in the warmth of summer, snow isn’t really that far away. Winter is in the back of their mind throughout the year. Whether it’s procuring and storing firewood for that wood-burning stove, keeping a supply of driveway salt …