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We have robotic vacuum cleaners, litter boxes, and even security robots on campuses and in cities. But while Roombas and competitors are much more affordable than they used to be, robot lawn mowers were a bit too pricey for many homeowners to take them seriously regarding lawn maintenance. Today, you can get a robot mower for your small lawn for under $1,000 or a top-tier unit for well over $5,000 or $6,000. 

These five robot lawn mowers will cut your grass handsfree and span every budget from $719 to $6,000

ModelPrice at the time of publication
Worx Landroid M$719
Sunseeker L22 Plus$1,299
Husqvarna Automower 430X$1,875
Mammotion LUBA AWD 5000$2,899
Husqvarna Automower 450XH EPOS$5,899

For homeowners with a bot budget, the Worx Landroid M robot lawn mower will cut 0.25 acres using the Landroid app. However, don’t think the $719 price tag buys you wireless operation; the Landroid M cuts by operating with a boundary wire. Moreover, for larger lawns, the Sunseeker L22 Plus will cut up to 26,000 square feet, or 0.6 acres. Of course, the quiet, IPX5 water-resistant mower will cost around $580 more than the Worx Landroid M. 

Approaching $2,000, the Husqvarna Automower 430X will mow up to 0.8 acres using its lithium-ion battery pack. Better yet, the Automower 430X will negotiate slopes up to 45% using GPS to stay within its predetermined wire boundary. 

A Mammotion LUBA AWD 5000 and its hardware.
Mammotion LUBA AWD 5000 | Mammotion

Sure it looks a little like a Lego F1 car. But the Mammotion LUBA AWD 5000 is an award-winning robot lawn mower that will cut up to 1.25 acres using its all-wheel drive system. Moreover, unlike the Automower 430X, the LUBA AWD 5000 operates wirelessly. Furthermore, the brand asserts that LUBA has just 18 minutes of setup time. Of course, homeowners will have to pay to play with the LUBA model; the LUBA AWD 5000 robot lawn mower starts at around $2,899.

Unsurprisingly, the Husqvarna Automower 450XH EPOS takes praise among the limited competition. Incidentally, the Husqvarna Automower 450XH EPOS snagged top marks from The New York Times product review site, Wirecutter. Wirecutter asserts that the Husqvarna robot lawn mower can handle dynamically lawns, abstaining from “stay-out” zones. However, with a price tag of nearly $6,000, the Automower might not be the best bet for every homeowner.