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Are you in the market for a new lawn mower? If your yard is bigger than half an acre, chances are you’re shopping for a maneuverable zero-turn mower. But with so many types of lawn mowers to choose from, how do you choose the best one for satisfying your lawn maintenance needs? The good news is that we have the inside track on some of the best zero-turn lawn mowers from brands like John Deere to tackle your tight turns and wild grass.

What is a zero-turn lawn mower?

Zero-turn mowers are one of the most common types of lawn mowers.  They ride on four wheels, incorporate an engine behind the operator, and are controlled by a pair of levers. As a result, these mowers are one of the easiest types to maneuver. Moreover, zero-turn applications are typically the best for larger lawns.  

There are downsides to zero-turn lawn mowers, however. The Spruce reports that this heavy type of lawn mower can be dangerous in uneven and bumpy conditions. Moreover, zero-turn mowers are also known for being expensive. So if you’re shopping for a new lawn mower on the cheap, a zero-turn mower might not be the best choice for you.

The best zero-turn mowers by John Deere

The John Deere logo on a tractor, John Deere makes some of the best zero-turn lawn mowers according to Consumer Reports
John Deere | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As for the best zero-turn lawn mowers? John Deere makes a couple of the best bets for specific applications. For instance, the John Deere Z330R ZTrak mower earned The Spruce’s pick for the best new zero-turn lawn mower to tackle hills and slopes. Moreover, with a 48-inch deck, the mower has plenty of cutting surface for large lawns.

Moreover, the John Deere Z315E ZTrack snagged a top spot on the Forbes list of zero-turn riding lawn mowers to tackle properties of around two acres.

These lawn mower brands make the best zero-turn mowers

John Deere isn’t the only lawn mower brand manufacturing zero-turn mowers; popular lawn mower brands such Toro, Craftsman, and Cub Cadet also sell zero-turn applications. For instance, Forbes recommends the Toro Titan Max for commercial use. Moreover,

Better yet, for potential owners looking for a midsize model, Popular Mechanics recommends the Husqvarna Z254F. The Husqvarna model starts at around $3,649.

Believe it or not, an electric zero-turn lawn mower might be your best bet

Both Forbes and The Spruce recommend a 54-inch electric Ryobi zero-turn mower. The fully-electric model boasts 48V architecture and a 115 Ah battery, along with a 54-inch cutting deck. Moreover, the Ryobi riding mower promises around one acre per charge. However, at $4,599, the Ryobi model isn’t a cheap option.


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