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On a tight budget? These reliable used SUVs under $8,000 will get you from point A to point B. High mileage isn’t a big deal with sport utility vehicles from Toyota and Honda, so check out the reliable options below.

The 2007 Toyota Highlander is a reliable used SUV under $8,000

A reliable used SUV under $8,000 includes this 2007 Toyota Highlander
The 2007 Toyota Highlander SUV | Toyota

Let’s face it; cars are expensive right now. Prices are higher than ever, especially on some vehicles. Kelley Blue Book says the 2007 Toyota Highlander is a reliable used SUV under $8,000. It has three rows, available all-wheel drive (AWD), and a history of reliability. Consumer Reports gave the Highlander high scores for reliability and owner satisfaction.

Estimated price range: $6,125 – $8,325

Check out the 2007 Honda CR-V for a reliable used SUV for under $8,000

The 2007 Honda CR-V received a significant refresh this year, which improved the looks and fuel efficiency. With room for five passengers and optional AWD, the 2007 CR-V is a good buy. Some of the highs noted by Consumer Reports for this used Honda SUV include the powertrain, roomy cabin, and standard safety features.

Estimated price range: $7,375 – $8,475

The 2007 Honda Element is funky but also roomy

Do you remember the 2007 Honda Element? A square-shaped, dog-friendly Honda SUV slash crossover that you can’t miss on the road. Honda coated the interior floor so drivers could easily rinse out any sand, mud, dirt, or dog fur that might have accumulated. The cargo area is pretty big, and it has available AWD.

Estimated price range: $6,525 – $7,800

You might be able to find a good deal on a 2006 Toyota RAV4 SUV

Another reliable used SUV under $8,000 is the 2006 Toyota RAV4. Toyota offered the RAV4 with AWD and a powerful enough V6. It also had three rows and enough room in the back for cargo. Consumer Reports gave it average reliability and owner satisfaction scores, but the RAV4 is known for lasting a long time. Check out some of the best used Toyota RAV4 SUV years if 2006 isn’t right for you.

Estimated price range: $6,525 – $7,600

Don’t overlook the 2009 Honda Pilot sport utility vehicle

For those who need a lot of room, the 2009 Honda Pilot is a good option. The Pilot is easy to drive and has solid fuel economy. Even adults can fit in the third row, and the second row can accommodate three child seats across. This Honda SUV has high marks for reliability, and Kelley Blue Book says it is a good choice for families. Don’t overlook the Pilot as one of the best used SUVs under $8,000.

Estimated price range: $7,950 – $10,100

Finding a reliable used SUV can seem daunting, especially within budget. However, Toyota and Honda make it easy with long-lasting sport utility vehicles. Don’t be afraid to expand your search and look outside your immediate area. Most dealerships will ship a car to you for a small fee so you can check it over before buying.

This article was updated on 9/7/2022.


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