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Getting the most mileage out of your vehicle is usually a priority, particularly when spending north of $30,000 for a Honda SUV, such as the Pilot. Generally, people aim to get 200,000 miles out of a car. However, a few well taken-care of, SUVs even make it to 300,000 miles. While Honda is known for reliability and long-lasting cars, will the Honda Pilot last for 200k miles or even 300k?

300,000 miles? Some Honda Pilots have lasted past this mileage.

It can be difficult to imagine any car or SUV lasting 200,000 miles, let alone 300,000 miles. According to the latest reliability report from iSeeCars, only 1% of all vehicles reach 200k miles, 0.9% of SUVs hit this mark, and only 0.03% reach 300k. The Pilot ranked 11th on the long-lasting SUVs list but did not make the 300k list.

As with most things, some exceptions and reports defy the statistics. The website Vehicle History has a question/answer page where users can, you guessed it, ask questions and receive answers from any user. They have one asking how long Honda Pilots last, and the 44 solutions range from the low 100,000s to the high 300,000s.

Honda is (generally) known for its reliability.

Honda is usually a brand lauded for reliability, which is a good sign for those who want a long-lasting vehicle. Unfortunately, the 2019 Pilot earned a below-average reliability score from U.S. News. One user with a 2008 Pilot states they have 372,000 miles and are still driving it daily, and another said their 2004 Pilot has 346,000+ miles and is still being driven daily. Most posters with less than 200k miles had only recently purchased their Pilot, and all said they were still going strong.

Ultimately, how much you get out of your Pilot is up to you

A Honda Pilot displayed at an auto show
A Honda Pilot at an auto show | Jonathan Lurie/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Like most things, you get out what you put in. Most people who commented on the “How long the Honda Pilot lasts” page emphasized how well they cared for their Pilot. Interestingly, it generally was not anything more than regular maintenance, with only a few mentions of needing to replace parts such as the alternator or timing belt. The consensus seems to be that as long as you take care of it, your Pilot can last a long time.

None of the posters mentioned taking it off-roading or abusing it, but I guess those activities do not fall under the umbrella of taking good care of your Pilot.

A reliable car is essential for many reasons, including safety and finances. Nobody wants to continuously dump money into a car or buy a new one every few years. And having a vehicle that will last you until you can sell it to your children is every parent’s dream. So, can you get 200,000 miles, or even 300,000, from your Honda Pilot? Probably, as long as you take care of it.


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