5 Reasons the 2020 Lexus LX570 Is Worth Its $100,000 Price Tag

The Toyota Land Cruiser may be dead, but the Lexus LX570, its luxurious counterpart, is still alive and kicking. It’s interesting to think that this high-priced luxury SUV can outsell a popular, and more common nameplate. However, the sales numbers don’t lie as Lexus has consistently sold nearly 5,000 LX570s per year over the past couple of years, which is about 1,000 units more than Toyota has sold its large SUV offering.

But why is there a discrepancy between the numbers even though the LX570 costs more? There may not be one absolute answer, but here are five reasons why we think the Lexus SUV is worth the money.

Unrivaled luxury

The 2020 Lexus LX570 is well-dressed to impress as one step inside of it and you’ll be wowed by the pristine fit and finish that the SUV has to offer. There are soft-touch materials everywhere, with wood-trim pieces, and metal accents to complete its prestigious look. Above it all, there are copious amounts of room in all three rows, which can accommodate up to seven passengers. But if you only need room for five, then you can always opt for the two-row version.

2020 Lexus LX570 interior
2020 Lexus LX570 interior | Lexus

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A super smooth V8 engine

Every Lexus LX570 is powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine that pushes out 383 hp and 403 lb-ft of torque. During our time with the SUV, we found the engine to be really smooth with a lot of low-end grunts to get the nearly 6,000-pound beast of a vehicle a nice burst of forwarding momentum, but it can be pretty loud at times. It is powerful and smooth nonetheless, but don’t expect to achieve great fuel economy numbers as the LX570 is capable of an EPA-estimated 12 mpg in the city and 16 mpg on the highway.

2020 Lexus LX570 engine
2020 Lexus LX570 engine | Lexus

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Premium features

Aside from the unbridled opulence that the Lexus LX570 exudes, we like all of the premium features that it has to offer. Our tester was outfitted with the Luxury package, which includes a semi-aniline leather interior, heated and ventilated front and second-row seats, four-zone climate control, and door puddle lights that project “LX” onto the ground.

It also has a 12.3-inch infotainment system upfront and dual DVD screens in the rear-seat headrests that pair well with the Mark Levinson 19-speaker, 450-watt sound system. And lastly, there’s even an optional Cool Box in the front center console so that everyone can be sure to have a nice, cold drink at all times.

2020 Lexus LX570
2020 Lexus LX570 | Lexus

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Off-road capability

Despite the Lexus LX570’s luxury features it’s still a Land Cruiser at heart. That means its powerful V8 engine is not only great for conquering steep inclines, but it does well when it’s time to go off-road. To complement that power, the LX570 is also outfitted with an adaptive suspension with active height control to handle any type of terrain changes, as well as a “Crawl Control” feature that’s basically like cruise control for the off-road environment.

2020 Lexus LX570
2020 Lexus LX570 | Lexus

Excellent tow rating

It might be a Land Cruiser in a three-piece suit, but that doesn’t mean that the Lexus LX570 isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. Aside from all of the luxury features and the off-road capability, the LX570 is also able to tow up to 7,000 pounds, which is more than enough to tow a boat for that nice weekend with the family in the Hamptons.