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If you want an electric car, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of long charge times or range anxiety, then a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) is the way to go. And if you would rather pay less for a PHEV, then there are two good examples on the used market that are worth a look – the Honda Clarity and the Toyota Prius Prime. They’re both great cars in their own ways, however, here are five reasons that you might want the Honda over the Toyota.

2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid driving down a road
2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid | Honda

1. The Honda Clarity has more tech-savvy features than the Toyota Prius Prime

2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid interior view
2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid | Honda

If you’re looking for a used Honda Clarity or Toyota Prius Prime, then you’re likely looking at the 2018 models, so we’ll compare those. Believe it or not, the Prius Prime did not come with Apple Carplay or Android Auto until the 2020 model year, nor did it have dual-zone climate control.

And while those two features most likely aren’t complete deal breakers, it’s nice to know that the Honda Clarity has had them since 2018. Also, the Prius Prime’s lack of tech features is surprising considering it has a large tablet-sized infotainment screen.

2. The Honda Clarity has a better electric range

The main draw of owning a plug-in hybrid is that you can charge the car up and enjoy a certain amount of full-electric driving range before the gas-electric hybrid powertrain kicks in. Obviously, the more electric range you have the better and in the case of these two cars, the Clarity wins in this department.

According to Honda, the Clarity has up to 47 miles of pure electric range, which is enough for most daily commutes and errand running. On the other hand, the Prius Prime can only go up to 25 miles before the hybrid powertrain takes over.

3. The Clarity has a more powerful engine than the Prius Prime

2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid engine
2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid | Honda

Speaking of powertrains, if you’re looking for the PHEV with more power, then the Clarity is the way to go. The Honda Clarity produces a combined rating of 212 hp while the Prius Prime only puts out 121 hp. Of course, no one can expect racecar-like performance from either of these cars, but the quicker the better, even for driving around town. In that case, the Honda wins.

4. You can fit five passengers in a Honda Clarity

2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid rear seat
2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid rear seat | Honda

Not only does the Honda Clarity have more rearseat leg, shoulder, and headroom than the Prius Prime, but it can also seat up to five passengers. The Prius Prime can only fit up to four.

5. The Clarity’s unique styling should age well

2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid  rear view
2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid | Honda

This point is a little subjective, but if you like how the Honda Clarity looks, then you’ll most likely like it five to 10 years into your ownership. Yes, it looks like a weird spaceship, but Honda has been known for producing funky-looking cars that tend to age well. Toyota, on the other hand, not as much.

A used Honda Clarity versus a Toyota Prius Prime

Overall, buying a used Honda Clarity could be a smarter choice than buying a Toyota Prius Prime if these five points are important to you. The Clarity has more interior space for more passengers, more power, and more electric range. Also, you can currently find on the used market for around $25,000 nationwide, which is a lot cheaper than the is $33,000 price tag for a new(er) one.


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